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Health Analysis

Health is defined as the general condition or wellbeing of a person. It is the state of being free from illness. In essence, health is not simply the absence of sickness; it is the state of complete mental, physical, and social well-being. Healthy living, therefore, is all about taking responsibility of all aspects of one's self and making smart choices for today and for the future. Well balanced diets, physical fitness, emotional and spiritual wellness all create healthy lifestyle.

The body, which is the physical aspect, requires good nutrition, beneficial exercise, appropriate weight, and proper rest and stress management. Drinking about 8 glasses of water a day is a small but important step towards phyical wellness as are fresh fruits and vegetables.

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The mind, which is the emotional aspect, needs a positive self image, positive thoughts and viewpoints and most importantly self-supportive attitudes. It does not necessarily involve consulting a therapist to be emotionally healthy, but taking time to read journals or listening to podcasts about various emotional wellness topics or even sharing with a friend goes a long way in relieving stress.

The heart or the spiritual aspect most importantly requires having a relationship with a higher power. It also requires trust in your inner knowing, openness to your creativity and inner calmness. Spiritual wellness can be achieved by meditating, which helps cleaar the mind and reconnect your heart with the bigger picture. Praying is speaking to the higher power you ascribe to and it essentially reminds you that you are not alone. Reading something inspirational may help strengthen the connection with the higher power.

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To achieve all that, one needs to set goals and adhere to clearly set rules. Look for positives in every situation, be aware of your thoughts and feelings, quit indulgent lifestyles, value yourself and your creativity, exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy diet. Stay open to new ideas, accept and adapt to change willingly, get adequate rest and practice preventive health care. All these will go a long way to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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