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Working in the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry is a service industry which consists of large types of fields like restaurants, lodgings, transportation, and tourism industries among others. Working in such industry has provided a lot of experience to me. I realized that in a hospitality industry, there exist a wide range of jobs and every individual of any kind of background is accommodated. Professionals in the accountancy, plumbing, secretary, engineering and other fields are easily absorbed to work in the industry (Dittmer, 2002).

Another experience I had in the hospitality industry is the remuneration, there exist a variation in the salaries, wages, and conditions depending on the kind of job a person is doing, the salary vary especially between small and large operation chains. Apart from the position in the industry, it also gives overtime work to its workers and one cn therefore earn more money on top of that of a normal time. Other than earning a good amount of money, the workers have access to houses at cheap rates, meals at discounted rates, and can be able to safe a lot of money while on holiday provided they have a staff identity card or a written letter by the employer that identifies them as current employees.

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Hospitality industries are located almost everywhere in the country and while I worked there, I noted that one can easily get a work experience even in the local places. The availability of this experience has made such industry to be the easiest to go into (Guerrier and Adib, 2000). I also realized that due to their location, many people have come out successfully because they were able to get their work experience in a convenient way.

Working in a hospitality industry allows one to shift carrrier, in this case, if a person has to move from one state to another or one town to another, he can easily do so because of their existence in many parts of the world. A person working in a hospitality industry compared to one working in other industries will therefore be in a position to find a place quite easily.

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The travel opportunities provided by the hospitality industry is another thing I experienced, a person not only gets an opportunity to experience various cultures in other parts of the world but also is set with a life carrier. Promotions and carrier paths also helps one to enter into a carrier that he thinks is suitable for him. On the other hand, workers are provided with cross trainings and this helps in improving talents in different departments, and increases the choices of carrier paths for an individual (Guerrier and Adib, 2000).

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