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Diet and Exercise

In the present time it is clear that exercise can improve on metabolic activities such as cardiac, respiratory and muscular functions. It is also well known that the diet one takes can have a significant influence on the ability to perform exercise, especially in sports.

For one to acquire nutrients which can fuel the body during exercise, one requires to consume the correct diet. Exercise has a significant challenge to energy production in the body. This as a result increases the rates of the two main metabolic fuels, which are fats and carbohydrates.

During exercise session energy must be supplied to the muscles at the same rate that the muscles use it. This is to maintain a continuous exercise without slowing down. At any time during exercise when the energy spent does not match the energy replacement, then the body will experience fatigue. This in turn may pull someone out of the exercise.

Since the two major metabolic fuels which are fats and carbohydrates require oxygen to be broken down to produce energy, and then if the intensty of the exercise is increased beyond a certain point, energy is obtained from fats through aerobic metabolism which will not be enough for energy production. Thus, energy is largely obtained from carbohydrates through anaerobic metabolism. This concept carries a greater weight in sports which rely exclusively on aerobic metabolism such as marathon running, long distance cycling or swimming while sports such as sprinting or weight lifting are largely anaerobic.

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It should also be known that exercising allows the muscles to use more of the oxygen so as the energy spent of the muscles can be more adequately covered by aerobic metabolism. Therefore exercising allows the muscles to work at great intensity for the same amount of carbohydrate breakdown as would have been needed before the exercise.

According to the best medical research, any person who involves him or herself in medium to extended exercise should in time have an efficient aerobic system. This system helps an individual to ensure that the fat in the body is utilized as much as possiible, and by so doing the limited stores of glycogen will be spared. Following the above concept, a proper exercise should be maintained in order to control the aerobic system. Moreover, the ability to continue exercising at a constant rate has been shown to increase if a person consumes a diet which is high in carbohydrate prior to the exercise.

It is seen that during recovery, tissues undergo repair and reproduction. The fluid balance in the body is restored and the substrate stores are also replaced. The replacement of carbohydrate is one of the most important occasions during recovery. Daily exercise makes considerable demands on the body's carbohydrate. Thus, the high carbohydrate intake of athletes may not be enough to prevent a gradual reduction in the carbohydrate.

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A proper routine of physical activity and nutrition helps to maintain a healthy body weight and active muscles. In addition, consistent physical activity and consumption of proper foods will at a greater percentage improve on one's psychological and emotional well-being.

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