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Colon Cancer


Colon cancer is a type of cancer which in the (colon) large intestine or the rectum (end of the intestine). This is considered as one of the most dangerous type of cancer which most of the people fear to be associated with especially because of the sensitivity of the affected areas thus it is hard to treat it. The study below focuses on the major ways of preventing colon cancer.

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Preventing Colon Cancer

It is difficult to cure or treat any condition of cancer unless it is noticed at early stages. Treatment include: chemotherapy to kill the cells of the cancer, surgery for the removal of the cancer cells and radiant therapy for the destructionof cancerous tissue. However, prevention is considered than the curing process because it is more effective and is held responsible for the drop of the cancer records in the last 15 years. This is because of the increased awareness and screening by colonoscopy.

Earlier and regular medical checkups are required for earlier detection of the existence of colon polyps before they develops to cancer, these can be removed during their earlier stages hence effectively prevent the complication. This process of removing the polyps before they develop to be cancerous. Apart from the removal of the polyps which are a bit difficult to detect as they are silent with no symptoms, there are other simple and most essential ways of preventing the occurrence of the complicaation. Eating a good diet is also an important consideration in the prevention of the condition. This is especially diets with high fibers, vegetables, fruits, less fats and starch or whole grains. white meat like fish and chicken should be considered to red meat and diets supplements of folic acid and calcium is necessary.


So as to be fully assured of protection from colon cancer, any individual should consider having regular medical checkups before the detection of any symptoms. If the cells which cause it are detected at this stage, they can easily be stopped from developing to the disease. Good eating habits should also be prioritized for the prevention of any complication in the colons.

Buy custom Colon Cancer essay paper cheap

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