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Custom Behavioral Health Prevention essay paper sample

Buy custom Behavioral Health Prevention essay paper cheap

The process of behavior health design process is a distinct act that requires significant attention and skills. The design process is put on board to help individual with mental illness and those addicted to drugs. The process involves people or parties that are directly related, share common grounds, or professionals who are deployed to offer their services and expertise. The study is meant to describe the process that an individual follows to prevent or curb behavioral health acts that are harmful. The study will use smoking as a behavioral factor that causes health complications. The study will also highlight a few of the effects of smoking and how the behavioral health prevention program design process has an impact on the addicts.

The behavioral health prevention program design process involves a number of individuals and experts at large, but the one who has the highest impact is the victim. The system is designed to inform the victim on the demerits of the behavior at hand. In this case, the design process ensures that a smoker knows that smoking has a health effect on him or her. This is done by giving information such as the warning given on cigarette packs informing the smokers that smoking is harmful to their health. To pregnant women, the medical practitioners are responsible of informing the smoking women on consequences of smoking to the unborn child. In the design process, the victim takes the role of accepting that they have an addiction problem. The first process of change is accepting that one has a problem and being able to accept help. Most smokers dispute the fact that they are addicted and do not own up to the responsibility of trying to quit or at least reduce smoking. In the process, acknowledging the fact that one has a problem makes a start in the design process (Terry, 1991).

The design process involves the individuals who are in direct or indirect contact with the addict; these are the parents and partners. It is seen that one can start smoking because of the exposure they get from their peers. The behavioral health prevention program involves the people who are around the smoker. These individuals play a role of advising, and giving moral support by being good examples to the addicted person. The advice has a positive impact if the relatives of the person affected, expose the addict to materials that show the impact of smoking. This can be done through purchase of books and journals for pregnant women who smoke and the health impact it has on the person. Role models in the society play a vital role to the smokers too; they can be of impact if they offer advice to the one who is smoking to quit, one is more likely to follow their advice. Either the design process also urges the peers who do smoke, not to smoke in the presence of pregnant women. It is more encouraging if the peers joined in the act of quitting; it offers support and hope for the smokers to quit. By the participation of the partners of the patient in the design program, one is able to get emotional support and encouragement, which could be of great benefit to the patient (Michael et al., 2009).

The design process also involves medical practitioner who cater for the pregnant women. It is the responsibility of nurses and doctors to give advice and statements of caution to smoking pregnant women. Nurses should take the initiative of offering information to smoking pregnant women on the dangers that a pregnant women faces when they smoke. They should be able to list the effects of smoking like miscarriage, asthma, and wheezing to their unborn child. Medical practitioners should screen and ask pregnant women if they smoke, and upon discovery that the pregnant woman smokes, they should advice them to attend health programs that would help them quit smoking. Counselors and psychologist play a role in the understanding of the addicted person and offer support and programs that are of help to the pregnant women who smoke. The counselors should be able to empower the pregnant women with knowledge that stoppage of smoking helps to improve their health and that of their baby. Psychologists deal with giving out the benefits of quitting smoking and motivating the pregnant women (Michael et al., 2009)

The design process should be implemented in a language that is convenient to the patient. Thus, the advice should be highlighted in a language that is well understood by the person who has the problem. A person who is undergoing difficulties should be understood and be given counseling in a manner that he or she will not feel discriminated. Common language that the surrounding community uses should be the one used while addressing the person. If the counselor is not understood, then he or she should use an interpreter to pass his/ her message. A message that is not understood cannot bring transitional value to a victim, so it is always important to the stakeholders to ensure the message is understood.

In conclusion, the behavioral health prevention design program is put forth to ensure that those that suffer from mental illness and substance addiction get help. This process is designed to help bring up a society that appreciates health and is ready to work jointly to ensure that a healthy community is developed. Through these programs, the community is educated on the procedures that they should undertake to avoid risks of diseases and harmful habits. Provision of education to the community can be able to enhance the knowledge of the program.

Buy custom Behavioral Health Prevention essay paper cheap

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