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Wariness of Heights

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The authors were trying to answer the levels of wariness in infants with locomotion and prelocomotion status. By defining the infant and its correlation with the topic, an infant with prelocomotion status does not possess any sense of wariness of heights. However, locomotion experience brings the wariness in infants of heights. The study conducted by the authors deliberately discusses the infant experience and development of wariness in their personality. Four experiments were conducted to ascertain the extent of wariness in locomotion and prelocomtion infants.

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Experiments and their results:

The experiment conducted by the authors induces the experience and develops wariness of heights in the infants. The experiments have suggested that with early stage, locomotion rate of wariness of heights have been as low as 30% to 50% (Campos, Bertenthal & Kermoian, 1992, pp. 63). But, with experience, the rate of wariness will increase to 80%. Hence, results suggest locomotion experience develops the wariness of heights in infants. All the methods used to identify the results of wariness of heights in infants must be equally marked because each methood has provided a specific outcome to put up the result.


The infants and their wariness of heights also suggest the evolution of life. It is a fact that life is full of experiments; therefore, an infant’s locomotion experience builds his/her notion of height.

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The study shows infants’ wariness of heights, their recognition of realizing the danger of height and learning the things with experience and emotional development. The locomotion practice is start-on which leads to the child development.

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