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The Effects of Bill Gates on Todays Society

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In addition to those, another new program is also under process. So, it would not be wrong to say that, Gates is the most successful figure in the charitable activities in today’s world.

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Business communication

Personal computer now can be bought at affordable price. Due to easy access to using internet through computer, people can now easily communicate with others. Information has become just like fingertips for the users. It has been possible because of Microsoft’s cheap products. Various types of business strategy programs help the business organization to determine their goal. In every aspect of business life, MS Office, data management, programming are playing undeniable role and all these are the results of Gates’ outstanding invention.

People in business now can easily interact with each other. The business to business communication has been developed in last three decades. Microsoft has provided its customer to use easy ‘business software’ to continue their business in easier way.  Undoubtedly, communication is the main strength of any business to run it properly. Various innovative products from Microsoft have helped to develop the business communication in various means. It also offers a number of business applications to the almost of leading organization which have solved many of their strategic problems (Shelly, p. 120).

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Everyday, people are experiencing new technology offered by the Microsoft and they are using it where they can. It has opened a global door for the business people to the every corner of the world.

In July 2008, Bill Gates relinquished his day-today role in the company. He continues as chairman and advisor while devotingg more time his philanthropic efforts (Northouse, p. 222). His career at Microsoft has included stint as CEO and chief software architect, and he is still the major individual shareholder with more than 9 percent of the common stock. Although Gates is one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution and is admires by many, some industry insiders criticize his business tactics as anti-competitive.

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One may disagree with gates’ means of achieving what he has, but one would find it hard to disregard his contribution to the IT industry as well as in other area. The most important fact is that history will probably remember him more for what he has decided to do at the young age and for the rest of the life. On this count, there are not many role models better than him. The last thirty years, the world has seen the emergence of an entrepreneur, but the next thirty years would see the emergence of greatest individual philanthropist. Truly, he has influenced the entire world in the way of communication and everyday business is done.

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