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Role of Sports in Popular Culture

Consuming and participating in sports should be done responsibly to strengthen involvement and participation. This can be done through a number of ways; first, this can be done by having high expectations from the players and the fans showing positive response. Secondly, sports should encourage balance and ensure that all people are included in the sports. Discrimination should be avoided at all costs (Graham & Neirotti, 2001). The minority groups should also be included in the sports. Thirdly, all the stakeholders in sports should ensure that there is a long tern plan to sustain the sport. In addition, investments need to be done on the monitoring of sports to ensure its continued growth. Lastly, corruption should be avoided at all costs during recruitment and allocation of resources.

Sports have had a great impact on the athletes, fans, and society. Sports have been known to contribute to personal fulfilment for players who participate in sport and the fans watching it. It is also leads to good health for athletes, and leads to enhanced community integration in the areas the sports are held. This is because it draws a sense of ownership and pride for the community hosting the event and this leads to greater integration and interaction in the community (Prettyman & Lampman, 2006). Sports also provide entertainment to the fans and ensure that they utilize their leisure time well. This has been a good way of dealing with cases of drug abuse as the youth are engaged in sports and lack the time to deal with drugs. However, care needs to be taken as sports can also act as a means through which bad social behaviours are learnt. For instance, athletes may turn to drugs to enhance performance.

From this discussion, it is clear that sports need to be handled responsibly if growth is to be achieved. All the stakeholders are to work together so that the positive impacts of sports are enjoyed while making sure that the negative ones are controlled completely. The youth should be encouraged to take up sports either as a leisure activity or as a career. The community, on the other, should provide support to the athletes.

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