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Case Study

1. In order to evaluate the success of its IT systems, the health care industry would be likely to use supply chain management and customer relationship management as the sort of effectiveness metrics. This is due to the fact that it is aiming at improving its supply chain management and customer relationship management by renewing its aging IT infrastructure. For instance, Roger Williams said that their legacy had reached the end of their life cycle thus they required big jump in process power and storage capacity so as to support their new applications. MRDITECH, a new comprehensive patient-care-system (customer relationship management effectiveness metrics), and the picture archive communication system (supply chain management system effectiveness metric), are the examples of new applications to be installed.

2. The hospital had not already developed a business continuity plan for its information due to the act that it had not expanded by then thus there was faster flow of information. But with the further expansion and development of the hospital, with many more sectors including ones that need constant and urgent communication, the hospital is supposed to develop this plan so as to ease and increased the rate and efficiency of communication between these newly developed departments. HP’s new IT infrastructure is going to assist Roger Williams to develop a robust business continuity plan because it is a smart design, easy to deploy and swap.

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3. New IT infrastructures of Roger Williams are unique in that, unlike other network infrastructures that are composed of various devices situated either on the core or at edges of a wide-area network, it includes a server farm of 41 servers connected to storage region network with four terabytes of capacity to start thus it is easy to swap or deploy when compared to other network infrastructures.

4. Unlike other businesses that indent hot or cold sites, hospitals like Roger Williams can not identify such sites. This is because its clients/patients will be costly or even result to death if they start to be from one site to the other. Furthermore, due of its nature and mode of working, it will not be easy to operate two hospitals like one entity. Thus, incase of a disaster like flood or hurricane, it is unfortunate that patients usually/will lose their lives with few, lack ones being transferred to the neighboring hospitals. Nevertheless, the hospital can move to seashore so as to provide quality patient care incase of floods or hurricanes.

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5. Customer relationship management is the infrastructure-centric metrics that can be found in the case study although communication and Supply chain management are the other most significant infrastructure-centric metrics that might be important to the hospital.

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