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Beliefs on Human Sexuality

This is a discussion on how today's belief on human sexuality can be traced to earlier era influences. The discussion will be based on three separate beliefs with concrete examples on each. It is evident that human sexuality is a field that is faced with all sorts of beliefs. Some of these retrogressive beliefs are the main hindrances in an attempt to gain facts about human sexuality. Myths on sexuality have created mystery on the experience of human sexuality. It is therefore important to examine these beliefs and myths on the grounds of what earlier influence does human sexuality has today. This can be made possible through focusing on what happened in the past as it forms the present. Sexuality as we currently conceptualize is a complex phenomenon expressed in a variety of ways and shaped not just by biological drives but also culture mores and personal experience.

One of the beliefs on sexuality can be traced back in religious setting. Religion influence of sex being more than biological and it has far-reaching historical roots. Religious teachings that have dominated Western thought and culture for centuries still have profound impact on the beliefs and behaviors of people today. In spite ofrapid cultural change that has made sexual behaviors and attitudes possible that were completely unacceptable a few generations ago, some religious groups still remain anti-homosexual, anti-lesbian, anti-out of wedlock sex, anti-masturbation, anti-birth control, anti-abortion, anti-oral sex, and anti-anal sex, espousing that all are "abominations in the eyes of God (Rathus et al., 2002, p. 14)." The dispositions that many organizations and their members hold are dictates of Saint Augustine during the Dark Ages (Rathus et al., 2002). For example, the continued insistence on Priest celibacy within the Roman Catholic church is tied to the Augustinian view that the only way to attain a state of grace is through celibacy.

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Another belief on human sexuality that has its root in historical setting is the complexity of male sexuality. In a study carried out several decades ago, there is a belief that female sexuality is strange, complex and accompanied by so many challenges. On the other hand, many people perceive male sexuality as simple and free from all sorts of challenges. In legacy, there is a belief that men are always ready for sex and contact must lead to sex (Greenberg, Bruess & Conklin, 2011, pgg 121). Accompanying this is the beliefs on the size of penis and its role in making a woman feel satisfied. This is still being witnessed today where many men feel they are not equal to the task. The truth is, male sexuality is complex and has many challenges just like female sexuality.

The third example is the belief that women are supposed to remain pure until marriage. The Western double standard for men and women remains a powerful cultural force. As Greenberg et al observes, the medieval thought that men purity is not important is evident in the contemporary society. Many, if not most, women in our society are not accepted if they are known to have slept with men before marriage. The above three examples support the idea that today's belief on human sexuality can be traced to earlier era influences.

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To conclude, the contemporary society should try to shun some of these beliefs and myths that have their origin in the dark ages. There is need to avoid being biased on matters dealing with human sexuality and discuss it in a transparent manner. What is still not clear should be subjected to research in order to arrive at a valid conclusion (Greenberg, Bruess and Conklin, 2011, pg 128).

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