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What Are Friends For

Types of friendship

One type of friendship is professional friendship. This type of friendship involves professional networking. Most of the topics of discussion between in professional friendship entail topics of mutual interest in specific profession. In this type of friendship, the expected outcome form the friendship is to learn, exchange information and ideas as well as grow professionally. According to Thoreau, most of this kind of friendship occurs in workplaces (Thoreau, 1997).

The other type of friendship is social friendship. Social friendship entails volunteering time and money as well as efforts to work for a social cause. This kind of friendship operates under less formal settings. In this type of friendship, social services are the main practices in the friendship.

The third kind of friendship is self actualized friends. This type of friendship is very rare to find. This is because; friends in this group are a perfect combination or are perceived to be so. Friends in this type of friendship have an amazing appetite for intellectual conversation. This kind of friendship entails growing emotionally, professionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

What are friends for?

One of the primary essences of friendship is for companionship. Friends should be there for each other in whatever situation and always support each other in time of need. Friends should be in a position to desire what is best for each other. This is because true friendship has in it understanding and compassion between friends. Depending on the level of intimacy, friends have different responsibilities in the interpersonal relationship.

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Friends should also trust one another. This is being in a position to express individual feelings including the actions of other friends without the fear of being judged. This means that friends should approach each other for emotional and moral support. The overall role of friends is that friends should conduct positive reciprocity. Although a friendship relationship is not entirely on a give and take basis, friends should reciprocate each other's actions in friendship.

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