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Curriculum Design

Curriculum design process comprises of sets of questions to which equal importance or meaning is not usually given. In general, precise attention is given to teaching methods, objectives and strategies that neglect the contents of aspects of organization and the international structure of the curriculum. To some academics, curriculum organization consists of ways of sequencing and interconnecting the elements that make up the curriculum in domains, social and institutional aspects. In horizontal articulation, the integration and scope of contents of varying disciplinary knowledge and areas in a given level of teaching. It gives the ability to improve the interrelation between different matters or knowledge areas.

A curriculum developer is able to understand the horizontal articulation issues when there exists a set of overarching goals and clear philosophy that guides or leads way for the entire program and the decisions affecting each of the aspects of that program. This is also made possible when there have been established sequences that are both between and within the levels that assures an articulated progress from one grade to the other and that the system is coherent. This can also be seen when there is a basic framework that indicates what to do, when to do and how to do it and also allows the knowing if the intention of doing that has been achieved. This can also be seen when there is a system that allows flexibility while at the same time encouraging innovation and experimentation within the overall structure. In so doing, a system that promotes the integration of curricula when appropriate and also promotes interdisciplinary approaches. (Farrell 1999)


Understanding horizontal articulation issues means paying a keen eye to systems that give suggestions for the methods of assessing the achievement of the programs objectives and goals. It should also provide a means for its own improvement and ongoing revision. The curriculum developer also gauges the horizontal articulation issues if the curriculum gives direction for material, human and fiscal resources procurement in order to implement the program.

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