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Considering Cultural Difference

Education is a tool that nurtures mental ability in order one can think critically and make good decisions that can benefit one and the society. It is there true to say that military that is educated on different cultures will observe fairness and neutrality in various cultures in the world. Security in a country is military duty and it’s hard to protect the country population without the knowledge on gender balance and equity. Struggle on diversity difference among military will also be a barrier for their engaging to fairness and neutrality since there would not cooperate in their work of security maintenance (Koppelman 2002).

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Unity among people of unitedstate is possible if the leaders work hard in uniting these diverse groups and this is by encouraging cultural pluralism. Therefore there is the need to strengthen the root for strong pluralism. The reason for this is to provide a base for transformation and growth on each community and out of there will be unity among the ethnic groups (Koppelman 2002).

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Cultural pluralism can be achieved by giving grants that can help develop programs that focus on social justice and cultural pluralism themes. Providing quality multicultural education so as to equip students, faculty, and staff with competencies useful to function in the diverse world will also help achieve cultural pluralism. Raisinng awareness and expanding knowledge and understanding and develop skills that are effective for intercultural communication can increase chance of achieving cultural pluralism.

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Diversity brings greater opportunities in our society for instance in Malaysia, the ethnic diversity helps them sustain international relationships with many societies such as the Islamic world, Indonesians, and china. They can also easily exchange techniques and ideas with the rest of the world and hence have influence through the global affairs. Diversity can also present the inflexible problems of threat of ethnic violence and social cohesion, which can add considerable tension to the politics. 

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