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Carrying Phones

Phones have become not only the way of life but a necessity to almost everyone in all parts of the world. Most deals are effectively accomplished through the use of phones. It is for such reasons that every other person would want to walk with their phone wherever they go. All in all, there are some people who sometimes prefer not to carry their mobile phones. This is necessitated by a number of reasons, which include security reasons, an individual's schedule, the need to avoid people for convenience purposes, as a precaution against accidents, the desire to conceal one's status and due to organizational restrictions.

A number of people avoid carrying their phones due to security reasons. Phones pose a security threat in a number of ways. As soon as mobile phones hit the world market, there were many incidences of theft, robbery with violence and even murder in attempt to snatch away the precious gadgets. Many have lost their lives in the process and this triggers the fear in some people that makes them avoid carrying the phones as they walk in public places. Highly organized criminal activities are accomplished through mobile phones, for example theft of money through inter-account transfers. Threats are effectively issued through mobile phones. Kidnappers too use mobile phones to demand for ransoms from the captive's relatives and friends. It is for such reasons that people just opt to leave behind their mobile phones.

An Individual's schedule also determines whether they are carrying their phones with them or not. Some people get extremely busy at times that they prefer to leave behind their phones for convenience purposes. Take an example of a Bank Accountant who has to balance off numerous discrepancies and compile a financial report within a very strict deadline. Such an indivdual would want to avoid telephone communication at least for a while as it consumes too much of their valuable time. As a matter of fact many prefer not to carry phones to their work stations so that they don't get distracted because their productive time is limited.(Rosen,2004).

The need to avoid people for convenience purposes could be another reason as to why people avoid carrying their phones. Phones are nowadays offering a cheap and convenient means of tracing and tracking people hence making it easier to have people connected. Some people would prefer not to be traced by others for quite a number of reasons. For example, a lady who doesn't want to meet her boyfriend would pretend to have forgotten the phone in the house so that the boyfriend can't trace her with ease. Criminals are also aware that they can be easily tracked by use of mobile phones hence they try as much as they can not to carry their phones wherever they go as this would make it easier to have them arrested.

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Some people avoid phones as a precaution against accidents. Both motorists and pedestrians try to avoid using their mobile phones just as a way of being careful against the occurrence of accidents. Phones have been known to be a major cause of accidents as they distract the attention. In some countries, it is a criminal offence to cross the road while using a mobile phone. It is for this reason that people just decide to abandon their phones and concentrate on their journey first before they turn on them later

The existence of other alternatives may also be a cause for this. One may consider using other means such as the internet or the public payphones. This is partly due to the costs involved in using your own phone, which in some countries is extremely high. The internet has now provided the cheapestt and most effective means of communication that prompts many to use it rather than the phone. (Rosen,2004).

In some cases people decide to leave behind their phones as they can be used as a revelation of their economic status or taste to people whom they do not wish. The handsets come in different makes hence different prices, with the most fashionable being the most expensive. People who are able to posses such are considered rich while those who posses the cheapest are considered poor. This can be a misconception that can lead to other undesirable outcomes. For instance, one would easily fall a victim of robbery or embarrassment by street beggars. Those considered poor on the contrary might also get embarrassed for the handsets they have as they are most likely to feel inferior before others.

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People also avoid carrying their phones due to organizational restrictions. There are some events or functions that prevent people from using their mobile phones hence necessitate leaving them behind. Events such as day long seminars, trainings and classroom sessions do not permit the use of mobile phones. Places such as media houses where recordings are being done and banking halls also restrict the use of mobile phones. Military trainees also avoid using their mobile phones because that is what their organization stipulates. As such, one would just prefer to leave behind their phone, or rather switch them off to avoid interruptions. (Rosen,2004).

Much as people cherish mobile phones, they still need some time without them. This brings out one thing that nothing, however much important it is to our lives can fully posses every bit of our lives. Misuse of phones has been the order of the days and that is why a few people still thrive to exemplify that we can as well do without them.

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