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Falklano Road-Prostitues in Bombay


The assignment is based on evaluation of Mary Ellen Mark picture evaluation / analysis on prostitutes in Bombay. Mary Ellen Mark is a renowned American photographer  who during her visits in Bombay in 1960's she was interested on coverage of prostitutes in the streets of Bambay those years. Her goal was taking photographs of men and women, adults and children and prostitutes who were living in the streets of Bombay and how they were handling their clients.

She covered the photos which she took then in the book Flalkland Road which was published in 1981. The book has since been revised and captured the catastrophic effect of AIDs in India which has been a main phenomenon of the areas which practices prostitutions. Mary Ellen Mark was determined on her goal and mission to enlighten the community and non governmental organization on the dare need of addressing prostitutions in the streets of Bombay.


The assignment analysis /evaluates on the two photographs which were taken by Mary Ellen Mark. The photos are photograph of a prostitute, Kamia, with a customer behind curtains, in Bombay, India, 1978 from the book "Falkland Road and A photograph of Putla and Rekha, on Falkland Road, in Bomba from the same book. On it's the photos are analyzed, evaluated and described. In analysis it has an inner meaning of the photos while description it just describe how the photos are being seen and lastly description has my inputs on how I understand the impression set by the photos.   

Falklano Road-Prostitutes in Bombay

This assignment deals with the description, analysis and evaluation of two photographs from the photographic book Falklano Road. the two photographs that the paper will deal with include "From the book "Falkland Road," a photograph of a prostitute, Kamia, with a customer behind curtains, in Bombay, India, 1978." and "A photograph of Putla and Rekha, on Falkland Road, in Bombay." (Worldsexguide, 2005)

From the book "Falkland Road," a photograph of a prostitute, Kamia, with a customer behind curtains, in Bombay, India, 1978 from (Maryellenmark, 2010).


At first, the photograph from the book "Falkland Road," a photograph of a prostitute, Kamia, with a customer behind curtains, in Bombay, India, 1978, a decorated reddish curtain with alphabetical letters ABCD and so forth. It also involves a woman who is broadly smiling under the curtain. The photo depicts that women have accepted to be prostitutes and they are happy about it. They do not mind being seen by the public that is the reason why the lady is visible, while a man with her is hidden in the curtain, as an effect, the only thing that can be seen to ascertain that it's a man it's the hairy hand touching the women's lips.

The photo also show how ladies enjoy being prostitutes and this is emphasized by the laughter, (New York Times. 2005). The photo shows the woman with a goldfish nose ring, pined on one side of the nose, and a black bungle on her right hand. In addition, the woman is wearing a black top, which has white, black and red strips a cross the chest.  The pillow used has gray, white and blue boxes.


As a matter of fact, the reddish color pin the photo symbolizes life. It is the color that has been used with the aim of ensuring sexy environment for these involved in business. In addition, it has been used symbolize danger that is involved in business, (BlogBus, 2005) for instance, partners might contract STDs like HIV and AIDs. The single finger pointed by the lady, shows one meaning. It symbolizes that, this trade is the only opton they have in despair situations they are find themselves in. As a matter of fact, the photo indicates that, women are bold and ready to go public while in business and they are happy about it. This contradicts men's position, they hide in curtains, meaning that they fear going public. This is proved by the fact that, the woman has shown her face outside the curtain, while the man's face is no where to be seen further more, women are happy about the business, as depicted by the Woman's smile on the photo.

The use of Alphabets on curtains might symbolize the new experiences that individuals in business might experience in their daily life I business. This is based on the fact that, there has been never, and there will never be a single person who is experienced in all matters of sex. The letters as a result are used to indicate different experiences they get. This is because, every day, such women meet different men; each might have a different sex experience. It might also indicate that, there are lots of dangers involved in business, hence sounds like a warning. The black top indicates that the business is satanic, while white night is indicating the innocence of some participants.

The Goldfish nose ring shows the woman's beauty. Due to high competition, women have to make themselves look much more beautiful to get customers. It might also be showing how expensive is the lady; this is based on the fact that, gold is much expensive. The wild animals like the elephant, and cuts head, mean that, this business should not be carried out by human beings, (Road, 2006). Though India is a very religious country, the population is too big. As an effect, the level of poverty is too high; hence most ladies have resorted to prostitution as means of survival.

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I evaluate the photo as a good picture which has shed a lot of light on the prostitution in India then. The aspect of it being indoors at a secure place is also an indication that there are those who have invested in this trade. Its to my opinion that the photographer captured a lot of traits in the sex trade at Bomba those years the color of the picture posture of those who were taken the photo  has the real meaning of intimacy and prostitution.


The second photograph to deal with is a photograph of Putla and Rekha, on Falkland Road, in Bombay. The photograph is of two Indian ladies wearing white striped reddish dresses, which appear not to be covering the whole parts of their body. The colors as a matter of fact in this photo are contrasting; the background is somehow bluish, with black on the sides, the two ladies appear to be in a consolation mode, as they hold each others shoulder. Last but not least, the two ladies look very young and Naïve as shown by their faces. The two ladies are worried or uncertain of tomorrow due to how they are staring at one place. The unbuttoned cloth which I had mentioned in the analysis that they are showing off their body parts such as the stomach and thighs I would evaluate is as being ready for sex and they try to appeal any potential culprit who would be seeking prostitutes. Hence, they can be easily identified.


The ladies' faces indicate a consolation mode. They might be consoling each other because of the problems they under go as prostitutes and when they will start living a decent life.  The issue of holding each others shoulder shows the sign of friendship, or togetherness. This at one point can interpreted the issue of seclusion. The photo brings out this aspect very clear that they are secluded by the community they were living in. Where the prostitutes were when the photo was beingg taken was at a secluded place where there were no other people. This provides a clearer understanding of the seclusion life which they live. So, as a matter of fact, the only friend they have is their fellow prostitute.

They seem to be worried, as they seem to be staring at one point or even confused on what to do next. The point of being worried might confuse someone (Squiers, 2000). This is because, there are two dilemmas, for instance being focused and worried the state in which they are staring at one place I interpret it as being worried. It's evident that those who practice prostitutions are worried of many things such as; how they would get out of it and earn a dissent living, they are uncertain if they will be abuse by their customers hence. They also live in fear of victimization from the government to the community.

On the other hand, one can simply interpret that, the ladies are focused; this is because they are staring at the same place with seriousness. This focus might vary, for instance, it can be explained that, they are serious and look focused undeterred to this trade. But it can also be explained that, they are focused on ways of starting a new life. The ladies also look young and innocent to be in this field of prostitution. This might be approving that, they have been brought in business by someone else. Meaning that, there are cartels which take advantage of poverty to introduce young innocent girls to prostitution with the aim of using them to get money. Young innocent ladies are being since they are like by money customers (Cotter, 1997).

The color of the photo has contrasting meaning red would mean that they are loving and the white peaceful. While red might also depict danger of Aids which is the increasing risk with the trade. In addition, the black color on sides looks like during photographing, there was darkness. This might mean that it was either at night or the ladies were closed in a dark room.

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This type of dressing is not appropriate according to most religious customs in India. As a mater of fact, this implies that they are prostitutes. This type of dressing code is a disregarded to Arabs by exposing their bodily parts such as stomach and short dresses. These types of dresses are used to ensure sexy environment for these involved in business. It is also used as a way of attracting customers (Helsingborgsdialogen, 2010). The fake hair hanging behind the ladies is an indication that they use artificial hair and other items to beautify them selves to be more attractive than the other ladies who are mainly women to their customers.


In my evaluation the photo is good and has the aspect of how prostitutes of those days were. They were young and desperate to earn a living. They are also not happy on what they do and they seek comfort and consolation on each other. This is evident on how they ling on each other. I would conclude that their dark skin in contrast to the bright colored cloths shows on how they might appear good the darkness is the aspect of immorality and death due to aid.


The assignment provides an informed photographic review of the photos which were taken by Mary Ellen Mark. It provides a detailed coverage of the photos by analyzing them which makes the reader have a deeper meaning of the features in the photos. Because the descriptions are being used just provides the physical features which are the photos without relating on how they explain the prostitution situation in Bombay. In conclusion the evaluation of the photos provides a personal input of understanding of the photos which in turn make it very easy to relate the photos with the current environment.

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