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True Women and Real Men

The article 'True women and real men' by Alexis de Tocqueville offers a detailed look into the male and female genders. The author has the opinion that abolishing these traditional roles will create a sense of balance between the genders. He begins his explanation on how obvious it is to identify the gender of an individual, though when it comes to gender behaviors, they vary depending on culture and historical period. He gives an example of how socially acceptable it is in Thailand for men to dress like women, whereas it would be foolish for men in Anglo- American cultures to be in such an attire.

He brings out the ancient beliefs, which presented with them myths that were not necessarily true. The myths claimed that if women would attend college, their reproductive health would be at risk. They claim that the energy that they would spend in learning would make them unable to bear children. He explains how gender dictated the political, economic and personal activities of men and women, a situation that led to women being subordinate to men, and their refraining from such activities.

He then explains how cultural assumptions have led to women suffering economically. When women get the jobs that have traditionally been the preserve of the men, they face discrimination and harassment and end up underperforming. He explains how psychologists have discovered how both men and women who hold fast to traditions are more likely to experience stress, anxiety and illness, things that contribute to the short lifespan of men who were in this situation.

The writer mentions that the notion of having only two genders is a way of limiting the human experience. He continues to give a brief description of some cultures, which have a third gender category. The writer concludes by pointing out how unnatural the activities of gays and lesbians are, being the same as how it was in the past where it was unnatural for women to vote or hold a public office.

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