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The documentary invites us to ponder into the past and watch the rule of force in the world's former leader. Stalin; a successor to Lenin and the supporter of socialism; was a successful strategic planner and interestingly, he planned to shift the circumstances in his favor by taking pro-public initiatives. The most surprising part was the use of different people at different times to achieve Stalin's own aims.

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It was interesting to know that how Stalin appointed the men of his choice to hold strategic positions to act as Stalin's agent for change in his own way and removed the unsuited ones. These men were to control the steering of the Stalin's success by using the secret force as breaks or checkers.

I dislike Stalin's secret force because of exploitation of the innocent people, geocide and brutal use of force. The secret police of Stalin applied unlawful torture techniques for innocent people in spite of knowing the fact that they are blameless and have nothing to tell. Other reason behind disliking is the widespread swept out of moral values from the Russians nation because of the revolution and the civil war. Stalin did not take into account his close friends after paving out his way and replaced them by new ones.

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I think over emphasize is laid upon the dark side of Stalin and other aspects are over shadowed. Stalin ran the system effectively for many years without any serious mismanagement and opposition, not just because of this secret force. To me, it seems that the human exploitation portrayed is over exaggerated.

The documentary depicts Soviet secret securrity because soviet maintained law by force in the country through their secret police. This department served as an engine to run the whole soviet by a dictator with public opinion in his favor. Through this force, soviet remained secure from any indigenous or foreign upheaval. The reason was the secret power to crush any opposition. This secret force fueled an atmosphere of terror to curb opposition.

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Undoubtedly, history has written that Soviet has been under the rule of a brutal dictator Stalin and human rights have been exploited by him. For Stalin, in order to rule over soviet nation of 200million it was necessary to execute the guilty but also the innocent. But it was morally, logically, and lawfully unacceptable and his acts; though were secret; will always be condemned in history.

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