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Critical Thinking Assignment


According to the inventory result of the job quality, I score high on job security, followed by environment consciousness then conveniences, and finally prestige is the least of my worry. These job qualities define areas I can venture and get satisfaction of a job.

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Self analysis

I have learnt that I value job and financial security. Salary, benefits, and vacation are significant consideration. Also, value a good work environment to facilitate productivity in job; convenience is considerable but not a driving force in the job environment. If the environment is good and basic facilities are available, input and roductivity will be satisfaction. Prestige is not important to me but is welcomed when necessary. Top employers like employee who have a passion for their job and work with little supervision. Job conditions are related to input and productivity. Employee must consider the work environment. Job security and benefits are the motivation factors to me because I can make a plan and budget finances without uncertainty.

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Employee Benefits

Benefits are motivation factors in the job environment and can help boost productivity is well structured. Medical cover, pension, paid vacations, stock options, house allowance, and travel allowances are some of the benefits I would consider givinng to employees. These are motivations to workers so as to get job satisfaction and thus increase their productivity. Incentives and recognition of exemplary performance are also consideration I would attach to employees' motivation.


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It is important to analyze job qualities one has, this help in pursuing jobs one will do with passion and increase productivities. Great employers know the benefit of having employees who enjoy their work and uses this consideration to hire or employee their workers. It is essential to prioritize job qualities so as to gauge where one is most applicable. As it is desired, job security and benefits are the motivation factors to me.

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