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Vacation at the Beach or In the Mountains

In this age, where hard work is the only means to attaining a comfortable, worthy living, many people undergo intense daily strains and struggles in pursuit of this achievement. In the end, they need to relax, unwind, and get a relief from the hectic schedules that always beckon. Taking a break to have a good vacation at any beautiful places is always the right choice to make. The two most common, beautiful places that people choose could be to the mountains or the beach. Both have been known since time immemorial to be the providers of immense relaxing atmosphere and do offer too, a variety of fun activities. Undertaking a comparison of the two vacation sites is critical in understanding, which between the two offers a more superior relaxation atmosphere.

Despite the fact that, both the beach and the mountains are the perfect vacation sites, a difference does exist in the range of activities that they offer to attract the attention of different vacationers. The mountains offer activities that the beach cannot offer and vice versa. In my own opinion and preference, I would choose the beach without a doubt as the best place to go for a vacating. The three main aspects for my consideration and upon which I base my position of choice are: the types of activities conducted in the site, climatic conditions and location of the site. These three aspects among other minor ones are always important and paramount in order to enjoy and achieve the desires of one's vacations (Ciaran 42).

The type of climate plays a pivotal part in the choice of a vacation site, if a person does not like cold weather, he or she might have a very hard time vacationing in the mountains. The cold mountains climate is the first, main barrier to enjoying them as a vacation site, moreover, many people do not enjoy being in the cold temperatures. The beach, unlike the mountains, may be said to posses both the climatic conditions, that is, both warm and cold. However, they are fully enjoyed in the worm seasons. During the day, the beach is warm, and most people will lie on the sand to bask as the waves sweep to the shore to cool their feet. The sunshine rays are never barred from hitting the ground, as there are no trees or foliage to provide shade. In the evening the beach, lowers its temperatures as a cool breeze, blows from the ocean to the land.

Therefore, the beach provides clmatic conditions that may fulfill the interest of both warm and cold climate lovers (Ciaran 56). The true scene, the temperature and climate of a given areas or zones are what determines both the type of dressing and the types of activities performed there. Vacation at the beach does not require heavy dressing or carrying of tends and night covers. Light dressing means, light baggage, and thus easy traveling. The mountain vacations require a lot of reparation and packing. These heavy bags in themselves provide an additional task of transportation, which is sometimes done by the vacationers carrying them on their backs, making the tired and weary, thus defying the main purpose of a vacation, which is relaxation.

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Another factor that is highly considered when choosing one vacationing site over the other is the types of activities that can be performed at that specified site (Jawahn). In no doubt, the beach, vacationing provides a greater number of activities in comparison to the mountain vacations. Some of the activities that are enjoyed and take a lead in mountain vacations include nature photography, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, skiing and mountain climbing. On the other hand, the beach is much loved and enjoyed as a vacation destination because of the following thrilling activities; swimming, play beach volleyball, sunning, windsurfing, boating, play beach soccer, ride water bikes and parasailing. Apart from these activities, in most coastal sites, provide grounds for social parties, restaurants, and discos where the vacationers can indulge in dancing or partying themselves out, the entire night. These activities attract a considerable crowd, which makes it more fun. This is totally unlike the mountain vacation, which involves the collection of people to give the company. It is much easier to go to a beach vacation alone, than it is to go for mountain vacation.

The last point that is also given priority when considering a site to go for vacation is the location. It determines the accessibility of the site, its security and like the climate; it dictates the type of activities conducted there. The mountains are in most cases, secluded and isolated. These make these sites not much preferred by most people. They are also located a distance away from the main road, making it somewhat difficult to access. Lack of houses and dwellings around itts locality may provide reasons for it being seen as insecure. On the other hand, the beaches have all along been known for the sun and fun, meaning that they are located in open areas, which make their accessibility readily easy. Most beaches have an amble location that has provided for the construction of hotels, lodges and other buildings of necessity around them. These amenities have made the beaches look more secure and worth visiting any time. Being also a tourist point of attraction, their accessibility is made easier, with the vast road net works, which lead to the destinations. There are various amazing tourist sites in Mexico; Acapulco and Cancun are the two renowned beaches, which are popular globally.

Apart from the above said points about the beach, a vacationing site has ready assistance due the presence of coast guards and the marine police (Halperin). When the night falls bonfires can be set up on the beach side or the seashore where one with the newly made set of friends have a good time, without the fear of attack by wild animals, unlike in the mountains. If one is not in the mood to party and enjoy, a lot of open space is present where they can take along the walk, as they are entertained with the roaring as splashing of the waves. The cool sea breeze in the nights and early mornings provides a sound atmosphere for one to calmly meditate, ponder, or think over his or her issues. This may translate into falling into a sweet slumber, due to the efforts of trying to resist the cooling breeze. Though going to the mountains is full of fun and adventure too, one has to be fit and fiddle, to endure the long walking and hiking.

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Very many regions do exist where people can go to have great mountains vacation. Countries such as Canada are full of such vacation sites. On the other hand, seas, oceans and lakes, make the largest percentage of the earth surface; therefore, they are present in and around most countries. These provides for a ready vacationing ground for most water lovers. Despite all these, it does not matter much, what place a vacationer decides to choose for vacation. The fulfillment, relaxation, and fun part of the vacation are fully dependant on the individual, likes and dislikes and the company kept. Though I do prefer the beach vacation to the mountain one, sometimes it is better to go for a risk and explore different places.

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