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Odyssey and O’ Brother Where Art Thou


O' Brother, Where Art Thou is an American movie that involves a number of characters. Its setting took place in the dry parts of Mississippi while Odyssey is an epic poem that written by David Adams. There characters involved in the two works appear to share similarities in various ways. The Odyssey unfolds the story of a bright man who struggled tirelessly for a long time to go back to his homeland. His wisdom remained with him all through the story. The writer does not depict him as foolish but his progress pulls along the cleverness character he bears. His real name is George Clooney. His middle name depicts by the whole poem since it bears some meaning in the Latin country. Odysseus serves under exile. His mother country was Ithaca. He is imprisoned and remains held for a long period. Two fair women from Nymph and Everett captivated him. The two articles tend to relate to one another in both the way they are set and the description of their characters. A number of similarities seen to creep in when both characters within the poem and within those in the movie are compared (Homer 18).

However, the dominating similarity within the two works is the availability of sirens within the setting. In the Odyssey, the main character Odyssey gets a caution tha he should be aware when near or around the sirens. To overcome the effects of the loud sirens, he shares pieces of cotton to his friends to put in their ears. "Square in your ship's path are Sirens, crying beauty to bewitch men coasting by..." .

On the other hand, in the O' Brother Where Art Thou, a similar event seems to take place. As Everett and his fellows are strolling, they come across three women who are shouting at the top of their voices in praises while their beauty attracts Odyssey and his crewmembers. Both the sirens and the singing seem to bother the people around them. (Homer 9). In The Odyssey, the sirens meant harm to the people around it while in the movie O Brother Where Art Thou, the sirens of the singing women attracted Everret and his crew. In both settings, the sirens remain situated underneath water.

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In the two settings, there comes a time when some of the characters turn into animals. In The Odyssey, some friends to Odysseus undergo conversion to pigs. They believe that this happened due the mightiness of the temptress Kirke. She afflicted them using a long stick while they were drunk and turned them into pigs instantly.

"Scarce had they drunk when she flew after them with her long stick and shut them in a pigsty- bodies, voices, heads, and bbristles, all swinish now, though minds were still unchanged".

Similarly, in the movie O Brother Where Thou Art, there are some believes that Temptress Sirens converted Pete to a frog. (Homer 28).  

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In addition, the main characters within the two articles are depicted as being outgoing and relying on their own self. They adventure and face life with the courage it deserves. They seem to invest more trust within their own selves while they entrust little trust upon their colleagues. Even after being with his crewmembers for a long time, Odysseus does not reveal to them what was contained in the special bag. This showed that he lacked faith in them and thought that they would betray him. In comparison, Everret longs to re unite with his wife and looks for all means to meet her. He lie to his colleague that there was a hidden treasure somewhere with the aim of them helping him get back to his family. He seems not to care about his friends families and considers his family more important than theirs. (Homer 38).  


A number of similarities appear within the poem Odyssey and the movie O' Brother Where Art Thou. The sirens, the turning to animals and the selfishness within the characters are very common within the two (Homer 40).

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