Custom «Liberalist, Constructivist, Feminist, and Realist» Essay Paper Sample

Liberalist, Constructivist, Feminist, and Realist

A Realist would argue that politics are inherent and are exclusively achieved through the process of struggling for power. Therefore realist will focus on self interests of a nation as they believe power of politics is the driving force behind international relations. Additionally they see humanity as inherently which is divided by national loyalty to nations, political identity in terms of religion either religion or culture. For a liberalist he/she would add up that ideology, morality, habits of cooperation, emotions and altruism are critical factors that greatly influences behavior of the leaders in a nation. Therefore he/she can justify this by arguing that humans are cooperative in the achieving of common interests in a humane, orderly and in a just world.

A feminist would loudly argue that the realist and liberalist have left out the women in the world politics thus underrepresentation of women’s rights, roles, concerns among many other needs. Additionally the feminist would further argue that this has led to a situation of metanarrative in the world politics that is not real, therefore this has contributed to a male biased set of perceptions. This affects major issues in the society such as peace and security. For instance for women they may broadly think of positive peace which entails social justice, ecological balance and economic growth which is a reflection of international human well being on security, unlike the realist and liberalist who all would view this concern as a just military concept.

For the constructivist he/she discusses according to the new thinking, whereby his/her views are based on international relations which can be addressed through an interactive process that emphasizes on communication among agents who include society groups, individuals, actors, social structures who off course serve in creation of structures that include international laws, treaties, agreements and many other aspects of international systems. This new thing thus enhances and embraces equality and equality in political structures.

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