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China vs. Peru

Better government initiative was established in order to respond to the continuous pressure and difficulties that governments face in their bid to smoothly run a country in the midst of the changes that occur continuously. A better government has the issues that directly affect its citizens well taken care of. This ensures that there peaceful coexistence in the country and no one is oppressed. In a better government, the recommendations of each and everyone are considered. This implies that the final decision is all inclusive.

Over the past few years, political leader in china have been on the frontline in reforming china. Deng Xiaoping is among the unquestionable county leaders who contributed to the ongoing china's economic transformation. Through his political power and influence, he has reduced poverty. The market oriented reforms that china implemented have unleashed individual initiative and entrepreneurship. These reforms were meant to improve living standards, increase productivity, and technological quality without reducing job opportunities. Today, china is ranked to be the second in world's economy. Deng has been working throughout his life to see that china has reached the standards he targeted. Deng Xiaoping has proved to be a successful politician through his works. He managed to re balance income distribution in rural and urban areas, and maintained economic growth while protecting the environment, and at the same time improved social equity.

The state of the china today was impacted by the events of the past years. Politics and leadership is among the factors that delayed china from developing and at the same time, helped china become strong as one. Communism and Confucianism mostly affected Chinese people socially. It was as if they were under colonial government. Both systems had pros and cons, but Confucianism remains to be the best political system in china. Organizations such as United Nations (UN), that promotes peace globally were formed but were not as effective as they are today. However, today china is a role model to many nations especially third world countries. 20th century was among the worst years of china where by freedom was inadequate. After Zedong came to power, communism took control and women could not own property. Chinese people went through a lot in the name of morality. He changed the value system within the few years he was in power, and it took china 300 hundred years to change it.

Socially, ancient china had social stratificatons for many years. Stratified chiefdoms and kingdoms were spread all over china. The ruling class gained wealth, and their children were educated in the best schools. However, not all the communities were stratified. Some had egalitarian political system whereby they ensured that there was some freedom from the clan system enhancing individuality. Hu jintao was able to develop a legal system that would protect the dignity of Chinese people without discriminating individuals on gender, wealth, or religion. Legislation was designed so as to modernize professionalize china's judges, lawyers and enacting prisons. He managed to take china to the next level by modernizing legal system. He fought for human rights and made sure that the Chinese government recognizes all religions in china (Li, 2008).

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In the past few years, china has been the leading nation in creating new and the best technological equipments. Zhao Ziyang has been doing everything possible to ensure that technology is successfully implemented in China. China has proved to have people with most creative minds, and have developed equipments that can survive in the changing environment. For instance, they have been able to create cars that can use water and solar panel instead of fuel. Despite the disagreement and competition of implementing communism and Confucianism, it is evident that Chinese people are governed by Confucianism. This has given rise to the developments and achievements in china. In terms of religion, china has a variety of religions arising from the fusion of people from the Far East and those from the Middle East. However, the most practiced religion is the Buddhism. This has affected their cultural beliefs such that those that practice Buddhism do not rear pigs. Religion is respected and highly valued in china (Kamrava, 2002).

Peru is a country that is currently facing democratization. Alan Garcia who is their president is trying to bring transparency and accountability in the executive branch. He is also reforming the judicial system and as a result, punishes those found accountable for corruption scandals. In the past few years, Peruvians have been discontented by the slow economic recovery. Unemployment has also been on of the main crisis faced by Peruvians. Peru has not been coping well with poverty despite introducing programs that would improve the living standards of Peruvians. For example, Toledo initiated a program that would give 30 dollars per months to poor families on a condition that they would ensure their children are in schools and regularly get access to medical examinations.

Peruvian women have engaged themselves in politics despite the discrimination they face. Over the years, there has been the rising tide of gender inequality all over the world. This is mainly because of individual perceptions about the role of women and men in the society. Traditional beliefs and practices have significantly contributed to the continued stereotype in regards to the issue. Female activists all over the world have been on the forefront in a bid to ensure that they are heard. This has caused the rise of many gender inequality awareness programs so as to ensure that they this issue comes to an end. Mercedes Araoz, Keiko Fujimori, and Juliana Reymer are an example of women who are breaking this stereotype (Townsend, 1972).

Economically, Peru has now been on the fore front for economic growth. Mercedes Araoz proved to not only be a politician but also the mother of Peru. Most of its citizens are farmers who grow both subsistence food products. They sell the surplus hence making some extra money. It is also characterized by the large plantations in which sisal, sugar, oil palm, and rubber are grown extensively. Through these export activities, the country is able to earn foreign exchange. Also, due the existence of extensive forest plantation, timber is also processed for domestic use and for export. Natural gas, oil, aluminum, copper and gold are also exploited but mainly for export purposes.

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Despite, contributing to Peru's economy so as to reduce extreme poverty, political leaders have been fighting one another in the name of protecting the people. However, some of these barriers have slowed Peru's economic growth. A barrier is anything that obstructs or hinders the union or progress of something. Culture on the other hand, refers to a process of socializing that entails all the rules, assumptions, norms, regulations and mindsets that are common to a group of people. These rules govern and determine how the individual in that group lives and interacts with other people. Cultural barriers are those barriers that arise as a result of the different cultures that exist in a certain locality.

However, China has proven to grow politically, economically and socially through its clean politics. On the other hand, Peru is struggling with the ongoing democratization. Moreover, by contrasting these nations, it is evident that there is still hope for Peru reformation.

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