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Black Berry versus Iphone

Blackberry is the most popular phone in the Middle East due to its high device for internet browsing. It has been ranked higher as one of the browsing devices in the Middle East in comparison to other phones such as iphone. Blackberry has gained advantages over apple iphone in its applications that include, packages that are lower. This is because, the device has more compressions which enables data usage and offers unlimited packages. Blackberry services have enable people in the Middle East to connect and chat through Blackberry messenger (BBM) to anyone and anywhere in the world; especially those with the same services. The BBM platform enables people in the Middle East to be connected and they can contact each other anytime, anywhere.

On the other hand, iphones access the internet more like computers and are known to be touch screens, which incredibly increase the cost of purchasing. Maintenances are quite high compared to the Blackberry devices. Blackberry has become more addictive than the iphone since its messenger services are available to all people with BBM services device, and not only connecting to messenger but still connecting to email any moment that they wish (Oxford Busness Group, 2010).

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In relation to the design of Blackberry and iphone, black berry are more appealing than the iphone, and still in the market. It is the most selling compared to iphone. It has been found that in the email services, Blackberry is the best since it has set up which consist of the Microsoft exchange services. This enables email services to work faster and even downloads. There are alerts through a led showing a received message. On the other hand, iphone may take almost 15minuets so as to show or alert for a new message. This means that the iphone seems to browse slower than Blackberry because of the edge network.

For application on these phones, it is clear that the iphone has a touch screen so as to operate whereas to operate Blackberry, one should press buttons. Therefore, it is easy to operate the Blackberry since it is faster than the iphone. The black berry has the QWERTY keyboard, which has been found to be fast and accurate in the process of operation while in the iphone the virtual key board is not as fast while typing. The Blackberry was constructed so that it can offer best features than any other phone. Camera in the Blackberry is better than that of iphonee since it has more MP camera. This is based on the fact that the iphone has 1.2MP lesser than the black berry. Videos can also be captured clearer. In terms of battery, the batteries for iphone run faster than for the Blackberry which makes iphone less reliable for frequent users.

The RF reception ability in the Blackberry is so good that Blackberry can acquire signal even in places where other phones cannot. The iphone has been found to be the best in the entertainment due to its multimedia such as good music, video player than any other phones. For the Blackberry, multimedia part is of good quality camera, which produces good quality pictures and videos, and inclusive of music.

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Despite the fact that the iphone has a stylish look and the touch screen keypads, it seems to be very simple when working with the device. However, it is slower than the Blackberry. Blackberry has more improvised shortcuts, which are designed on the QWERTY keyboard. People in Middle East prefer the Blackberry to the iphone because of mentioned features of Blackberry. The percentage or the ratio of Blackberry in the Middle East is higher over iphone, which has lead to the good market of these devices.

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