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Answer or Question

Questions and answers are a crucial component when seeking to accumulate the knowledge of individual. They help in the creation of a systematic process of generating ideas necessary in coming up with ideas to solve existing challenges. However, depending on the view one takes the degree of usefulness varies. Answers tend to supersede questions in terms of importance based on various reasons.

Firstly, Answers provide an additional resource to the knowledge bank, which is a vital component to scholars and researchers within the concerned field. It acts as a source of reference to future researchers who intend to pursue study in that fied. This is not the case for questions, as it creates a problem, which is to be solved. This does not provide additional information to the knowledge bank.

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Secondly, the aims of researches are to provide a solution to a challenge. This makes answers a crucial component of livelihood. This is because answers are a solution to the challenges experienced in the lives of people. For example, the challenge of ensuring enough food to feed the population is ensuring that there is sufficient food production or ensuring control of population growth rate. This makes the measures undertaken to be a solution to the problem food shortage.

Finallly, an answer provides roots for the establishment of a research question. Researchers tend to challenge the existing solution to problems based on prevailing conditions. For example, a solution of bank robbery in 19th century may not address the challenges of bank robbery in the present times due to innovation in technology and other factors. Therefore, researchers develop questions from the current answers, making answers crucial step in the investigation process.

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In conclusion, it is quite clear that answers carry more weight when compared to questions, considering its contribution to academic research and development.

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