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Why Diversity is a Business Issue

Diversity is the commitment to identifying and appreciating the wide range of characteristics that make people unique in an environment that promotes and observes collective and individual achievement. It means recognizing that each person is unique as well as understanding our individual diversities which may be along dimensions of ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender, physical abilities, religious beliefs age and socio-economic status.

Reasons why diversity is a business issue

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Increased variety of viewpoints

A diverse labor force that feels contented communicating different viewpoints offers a larger pool of experiences and ideas. The firm can then draw ideas from this pool to achieve business strategic requirements and needs of consumers more effciently (Osland, 2008).

Ability to reach additional customers

A varied collection of experiences and skills such as cultural understanding and language allows an organization to offers services to local and global customers.

Decreased costs of turnover

Organizations that endorse diversity in their places of work inspire all workers to perform their work to their highest capability. This in turn enables an organization to execute strategies, leading to higher profit, productivity, and return on investment.

Attraction and retention of best talent

A firm's competitiveness and success depends on its capability to embrace diversity and attract individuals who have diffferent skills and knowledge which is helpful the operation of the organization.

Linkages to profitability

A diverse workforce within an organization can contribute to a greater range of remedies to problems in service, allocation, and sourcing of resources. Osland (2008) argues that workers from different backgrounds contribute individual experiences and abilities in suggesting thoughts that are flexible in adjusting to fluctuating customer and markets demands.

Diversity is a business issue because individuals from different backgrounds bring their skills, ideas, and experiences to an organization. They also communicate these diverse ideas offering the firm with a pool of ideas from which to acquire business strategic needs, as well as the needs of their customers more efficiently.

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