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The Chicago Manufacturing Center


Chicago Manufacturing Center is a non-profit management-consulting group delivering sustainability-focused services to improve the environment, business, and labor force performances. CMC has a good public/private partnership model act as bridge linking the private sector and public good competitiveness. CMC collaborates with government and employs solutions to facilitate private sector response to economic and climate change challenge.


The operations of the CMC are geared towards increase in sales and profitability, workforce stability, productivity, quality and continuous improvement, sustainable growth and innovation, increase in sales and profitability, and global competitiveness. The sustainable value services of the CMC involve sustainable business value plus carbon reduction and economic growth. The company involve in sustainability coaching, waste to profit mechanism, lean and green enterprise, and market diversification in order to achieve sustainability. There is a well-structured sustainable service process flow.

Chicago waste to profit network is composed of more than 300 member companies involve in innovation and community networks. It is a partnership of the CMC. Deal with sustainability and economic growth. It has a well-established technical support, documentation, business relationship building, reliability, and sustainable service process.

Core competency in by product synergy creation is a partner of CMC assisting in re-sourcing raw materials. Save 50% raw material cost, create internal connection between cost savings from waste management and employment retained. Creates reinvestment potential, new products innovation, and improve corporate social responsibility.

CMC has a policy of adopting new practices to enhance their productivity and keep them at bar with competitors. The company also involves in regional best practices enhance production. They also facilitate Brownfield remediation and biofuels generation process. The final activity, which CMC supports, is regional opportunity, which enhances green job trainings.

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CMC is a well-structured and organized firm, which has elaborate operations and cost cutting mechanism. It has sustained its productivity and existence through good management.

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