Custom «The Case of the Plant Relocation» Essay Paper Sample

The Case of the Plant Relocation

Thesis Statement (One sentence that tells the reader what the essay will discuss.):  In order to determine the best course of action regarding the question of transferring business operations to an offshore location, it is important to consider the three main questions that will affect the business, public perception, company profits, and any ethical considerations.

Body Paragraph #1 main idea:  Public perception

Detail #1:  Bad publicity can give the company a poor public image.

Detail #2:  Safe and fair working environment.

Body Paragraph #2 main idea:  Company profits

Detail #1:  Risk of liability.

Detail #2:  Cost of training new employees due to high turnover and contractor rotation.

Detail #3:  Higher travel costs and additional overhead due to rework needed.

Body Paragraph #3 main idea:  Ethical considerations

Detail #1:  Environmental questions and poisoning people in third world countries.

Detail #2:  Providing low working standards for workers abroad.

Detail #3:  Displacing the domestic work force.

Conclusion (Wrap up essay and leave reader with interesting thought.): After conducting further research as to the public perception, the economics, and the ethics of moving offshore, it is not recommended that Electrocorp proceed with that plan of action. Public perception could potentially be harmed by the displacement of the domestic workforce and by the sub-standard working conditions typically offered abroad. Company profits could decrease due to additional expenses of liability, training, travel, and rework. Ethically it would not be appropriate to pollute any country, to provide sub-standard working conditions, or to displace domestic workers. It would be in the best interests of Electrocorp to explore alternative domestic options to identify actions that would enhance its profits.

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