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Influence Processes

How Presidents and Chief Executives officers influence their organizations is crucial to the success of those respective organizations. Every company is involved in the act of influencing others and likewise employees also have a tendency of influencing their colleagues. This habit transects all type of organization from large to small and in all sectors. The intention of influence is to attempt to make a person on an employee behave in a manner the influence agent wants. The top executives behave in a way that corresponds to their knowledge and understanding of various things besides their experience and cultural norms. However, top executive have six common processes of influencing their organizations in a better way.

Top executive officers can influence their organizations through decision making. Leaders have the opportunity to shape their organizations culture by contributing on the mission and vision of the company. According Dangerous and Yammarino (2005) Executives are expected to develop vision and mission of the company (p.224). Good relationship between top management team and executive ensures cohesion and harmony. The executive can achieve this cohesion within the organization by motivating top management team to adopt her vision and mission. Eventually, the influence will be felt in all the hierarchy of the organization. On the other hand a an executive who fails to take responsibility by making key decisions of the organization will leave space in the organization management that may cause others to scramble for.

Another important strategy that top executives practice is decision making on the allocation of resources. Top managers have a crucial role in making key decisions on the allocation of resources within the organization. They should contribute in making decision on the kind of products a company should produce and sell and therefore invest a certain share of the capital of the organization.

Furthermore, CEO can develop strategies of rewarding employees in order to foster performance and commitment. Strayer (2007) asserts that the kind of rewards given to staff should not necessarily be in form of money alone, he suggest that it can be in form of promotion. The best criteria for selection for individuals for promotion can through evaluation of those whose objectives and goals rhyme well with the mission and vision of the organization. For example employees who are high performing and are talented can be recognized.

Behavior of leader matters a lot in shaping the organization. CEO can influence their organizations through the way they behave in th course of discharging their duties. A leader who wants to instill goods ethics into his organization can do so by upholding good ethics himself and definitely other workers will follow. Strayer (2007) suggests that this can also be done through the vision and mission of the organization and the regular communication to the workers.

Nooyi Indra- CEO PepsiCo

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One of the successful Executive Officer who significantly influenced his organization is Indra Nooyi. She is the Chairman and the Chief Executive officer of PepsiCo. Pepsi is rated as the world's largest food and beverage company, with employees' capacity of 285,000 people distributed all over the world. Mrs. Nooyi contributed greatly to the making of the decision of the company. Since the time she joined Pepsi in October, 1, 2006 as the CEO she has restructured the company and transformed it into its current status. Interesting enough Nooyi developed the PepsiCo's 'multi- year growth strategy, performance with purpose' which its main aim is to improve performance of the organization and invest quality and healthy products for its customers worldwide (PepsiCo). Besides, the strategy focuses on developing innovations which will help reduce or eliminate the use of water, energy, and packing and create the most conducive environment for all staff.

Moreover, Nooyi observes high leadership ethics. She encourages her employees to conduct themselves and observe good business ethics while discharging their duties. The organization has developed code of conducts and translated them into 42 languages. The report contains provisions concerning 'business dealings, bribery, business gifts, harassment, equal opportunity and many others' (PepsiCo). The Global Sustainable Packaging Policy which is part of his environmental sustainability policies is aimed at creating awareness to its customers and all employees to conserve environment. It also sets out objectives of the company on environmental management such as: maintaining high quality and hygiene standards in the products, reducing post-industrial waste and minimize carbon emission. The policy also advocates for innovation of new and environmental friendly packaging systems. These policies set PepsiCo on the world map as environmentally responsible corporate citizens. Nooyi has also been a key decision maker in the company on reorientation of the company's resources to fit the mission and vision of the company (PepsiCo). She developed her business strategy that supported the mission and vision of the company and invested the resources to achiieve those strategies.

Andrea Jung CEO- Avon

Andrea Jung is the chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Avon products, Inc. She was appointed the CEO of the company in 1999. Mrs. Jung has acquired her self global prominence due to her exemplary performance and good moral leadership in her work. In 2010 she received Clinton Global Citizen Award for corporate sector, for her visionary leadership in solving pressing global challenges' (Avon). Apart from providing women beauty products, Avon support also women in providing donations on treatment of Breast cancer, HIV Aids, fighting and against women violence (Avon). This philanthropic foundation is spearheaded by Jung and is supported fully by the company. The company is also involved with providing economic opportunities for women to earn income and transform their lives in the society.

Jung is distinguished as supporting women to advance the hierarchy in management (Bilimoria and Piderit, 2007, p.248). This has given respect and power to influence more the management of the organization. Since her appointment into the organization in 1999 she has restructured and transformed the organization products and marketing strategy resulting into Forty Five percent raise in sales. Her success as the CEO has been felt through out the organization and this can be seen from the organizational culture of the company (p.248). Consequently she has contributed in instilling ethics and good morals to the organization.

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Apart from Jung being a role model to women in the organization, she has also contributed in making decisions regarding allocation of resources. She has developed programmes in the organization which are supporting and empowering women in terms of their financial abilities by providing scholarship programmes (Avon). Besides, the company rewards women with talents by giving them promotion. This has greatly motivated workers in the company to continuously improve their performance which has resulted into improved performance of the company. Bilimoria and Piderit (2007)) asserts that with her presence as in the company, many women have had the opportunity to climb up the management ladder (p.248).

Brenda Barnes CEO-Sara Lee

Sara Lee is the leading producer of products such as Ball Park, Douwe Egberts, Hillshire Farm, Jimmy Dean, Kiwi, Sanex and Senseo. Brenda Barnes was appointed CEO at Sara Lee in February 15, 2005. Brenda performed several changes to the organization immediately she started her tenure (Branson, 2010, p.81).

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