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Decisions in Paradise, Case II

It is common for much business organization to increase the market share though expansion to new regions especially on the global domain. Often, such expansions are done within a known window of opportunity so as to fully maximize the opening before other competitors arrive.  This is the case of BP, an oil company that Alex is working for. BP in planning to establish more of its business presence in Kava, a country located in an island in the Southern pacific. Kava is expected to be of great benefits to the organization as well as the residents of Kava and this motivates the BP's strategic management team led by Alex to analyze and develop means of making this expansion come to pass.

Cassis (1999) confirms that success of any given enterprise rests on the strategic selections of alternative and their execution by the enterprise in respect to investment operations,  , internal organization of the firm, innovation as  we as the international relationship of the firm with other establishments. By the application of an appropriate decision making techniques, BP will be better placed to success in Kava through proposition of solutions and their implementation in Kava to see its success in Kava.

Identification of solutions using the T-chart technique

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Kumar and Sharma (2000) believe that business managers need to adopt neat and systematic steps that will assist in the identification of plausible decision for business survival. However, these steps are diverse and dependent on the quality of the challenges been faced in the establishment as well as the "structure of the organization" (121).

By the use of T-chart technique, BP' s team led by Alex can produce possible solutions to the challenges present in Kava though analytic thinking of options features or alternative which can be equated  so as to weigh their pros and con before a decision is  agreed on.

Presently, it seems that BP has limited ersonnel in Kava yet there is need for the enterprise to recruit more people to increase its workforce so as to heighten its business operation in Kava through efficient delivery of its services. With Terrorism creating an imminent threat, both to the citizens and businesses of Kava, there is need to strengthen the security machinery of Kava.

Kava security facilities should also empowered and used in the fight against terrorism and its associated effects in order to enhance more business chances and investments in Kava. Security procedures assigned with checking and putting to stop any terrorist related activities in Kava should be developed.

Kava is known to have adverse weather conditions that can hurt both business facilities and halt operations that may lead to losses, closure and even downsizing of workers. Attempts should be introduced such as the establishment of metrological unit to check and forecast the weather and its potential effects. Barriers can also be built at the coastal areas to buffer and protect the mainland from catastrophe such as floods and hurricanes.

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Using the t-chart technique, it will to needful for the organization seeks understanding  on how to handle the diverse culture of Kava that will promote efficiency of its operations in Kava. Through education and sensitization, the employees Alex's organization will be better equipped and able to address  the issue of diversification

Analysis of the T-chart technique

This is a decision making  technique is used to compare any two alternatives or options that can be pursued  by equating their  pros or cons of each alternative  or by likening the positive and negative view the decision at hand. From this, establishments can choose to arrive at a decision grounded on the decisions positive gains rather than the negative consequence or due to the overall profits of the decision.  In the first place, it is necessary to first outline the positive gains of conclusion in a left column and on the right column, have the potential effect likely to be felt in the absence of the decision. The resulting table will thus have two columns while will be compared to ascertain which of the column is the best as supported with the gains as well as conformity with the enterprise goals and interests

As Joseph (2005) contends, "Decisions making is a process of selection from a set of alternatives course of action" (p. 118). This process is often focused toward accomplishing a given aim in an establishment. Consequently, this technique when employed provides a comprehensive examination on the potential alternatives present and to be chosen from.

Examination and impact of using T-chart technique

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Critical thinking demands that a solution be arrived at after careful consideration of choices and judging the best choices through analyzing both  the positive and negative consequence of the decision or alternative being considered. The t- chart technique is useful in evaluating assumptions through the use of proves and therefore informing the strategist like Alex on the right alternative after the likely results and consequences of the choices are weighed. It is then that organization like BP can justify their course of action or a certain point of view based on evidence that have being verified to be true. The t-chart also depends on elements of  critical  thinking in order to come up with effects that are clear, precise and rational and useful in the decision making process.

Decision making process calls for choosing of one or more alternatives from a number by careful examination of facts and consequences.  While this may be a daunting task, BP can use a t-chart, method to outline all choices and adopt the potential one in order to increase their business presence in Kava both for its benefit of Kava citizenry as well as itself.

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