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The Mixture of Art and Reality In Still Life

Art can be defined as a production which expresses something that is appealing and beautiful. It has also to be of quality and the objects have aesthetic criteria which would either include; paintings, drawings or sculpture. In other aspects, fields or genre/style of doing come thing can be considered as an art ,the craftsmanship or trade using principles or methods attained through skill and with time are considered as art( Random House Dictionary,2010). This particular essay will deal with visual art as well as music. Movies aren't real life; they are metaphors for real life.

Authenticity, in a drama episode has been considered an allegory is authentic and hence believable and hence entertaining. Fantasy; this is the way in which the person is more focused on something that is a long time wish to acquire or act. It expedites reality as is well beyond her means at a particular moment. In as much as movies are for the entertainment benefits, it can be used for the commercial ventures and will always endure the innumerable shortcomings tha the need of proceeds can stimulate.

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Art and movies are almost hard to separate as art leaves one wanting to know more out of a particular situation. The putting together of art in still life makes it come to life and seem to be more real and natural as the characters use the same position and its emotions to create a scene. Art comes from artistic, and always has a meaning/teaching to be learned or observed. The illusion created to the viewer has to put the viewer in a situation that they feel that they are the characters in the movie and actually sympathize sucked into the movie with the personalities. Reality is what is perceived by the average person through the everyday experiences of life watching the aspects of a certain experience in life is enough to introduce life teachings to persons; e.g. on experiences of hardships of being a foreigner in an unfriendly state, challenge of a single family etc.

Unrealistic elements of a movie can be observed through obvious, predictable scenes, which become excruciating as one can predict tthe outcome and next step in the movie, such is the case of many Spanish soap operas (Jong, 78). A good movie script writer should be a good story teller and be able to keep the watcher's concentration by having well relevant background music rhyming with the scenes.

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A grand award-worth winning movie combine good script writing, cinematography, acting, music, and editing manned by an experienced director to produce cinematic thrill (Keith, 42). An appealing anecdote that will carry the watchers away from the stresses of life be in the comfort of a cinema hall or homes for a few hours. Stupendous movies should be well written, acted, and incorporated into an interacting incident that will upholds the audience attention and incarcerate their thoughts. A great film fulfils its goals of production with dexterity and artistic ability and leaves food for thought for the viewer. Outstanding creativity is often another reason to behold and have a profitable filming career. Creativity and good imagination are key factors to good movie production.

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