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Art Classes Enhance a Childs Development

Child development is the physiological and biological changes that take place in human beings from birth to the end of adolescence, as one develops from dependency to rising independence. The developmental changes may take place as a result of learning and environmental factors, but most regularly it involves relations among the two. Based on anecdotal evidence, children's exposure to arts greatly affects their other aspects of learning (Kail, 2006).

Children who are exposed to art and the media that create it, have high qualities that other children lack. In addition to their artistic talent, such children write and read better than their peers. Definition of arts is expansive. If one likes to arrange flowers, is a baker or a cook, if one enjoys pleasant arrangement of various items at home, he or she is an artist. All these expressions of originality are as justifiable and helpful as those of painters and anyone we might describe as an artist. If a child enjoys sciences and likes inventing and carrying out experiments, there is an artistic sensibility to its work and he/she can be defined as an artist (Kail, 2006).

Parents and teachers expose children to various materials so that they can make art. In art classes variety is availed so that the children have a choice as whethe they need to put to use the materials or not, of which there would be no choice if there was no such exposure. It is important because if a child starts early, there is a greater opportunity for the identification of this spirit, and therefore it gets to grow with the child. Art is one delightful way of recording the development of a child's growth. Just as reading and writing improves with age, so does artwork.

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An Art class is a great way through which a child can solve problems and make choices because every step in it involves the process of decision making: how come up with a line, what color to use, what size should a thing be made. An art also improves on imagination. Through art, a child can come up with a thing that, up to that point, was only an imagination. Consequently, the child gets to come up with visual materialization of abstract ideas. Art may be an expressive outlet for children who may experience difficulties in other areas of the school curriculum. It's the only way in which talent that could not be seen in any other way is uncovered (Berk, 1993).

Art is a means of passing communications, feelings, solutions and ideas in a way different from written or verbal. Take in the disparity between a self-portrait as developed by a kindergartner contrasted to the samee child's art work as a third-grader. Children who are involved in a very effective extracurricular arts-based society programs in under-resourced societies, as compared with national example of students are five times most likely to win a scholastic award, seven times most likely to obtain a community service award, three times more likely to get an award for school turnout, five times more likely to take part in a science or math fair and they most likely to achieve high marks on their Scholastic Aptitude Test college admission examination scores if they had taken part in after-school arts learning (Berk, 1993).

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It's typical that visual and performing arts have been sidelined by those who fund school programs. They consider them as programs that can only be added only when there is adequate money for them, as well as the first to be removed whenever there is a budget deficit. It is therefore important for families to establish a harmonious balance in the lives of their children by providing for the arts. Various artistic ideas should be incorporated into the home life. However, the most significant component in the way is the parent's/guardian's interest. A parent or a guardian should be there to encourage and appreciate throughout every step of the artistic process (Mooney, 2000).

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