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Nowadays people have a great amount of means for unhampered communication and interaction with other people. Undoubtedly, this is caused by the requirements of modern trends to always be in motion. Modern technologies have made the human life significantly easier in comparison to days without those technologies. However, people are more likely to lose personal interactions/ communication when choosing a computer screen for work and entertainments. In this regard, the so-called addiction of modern people on the computers should be studied in more detail in order to define major dangers for people associated with computer communications, rather than personal contact and find out efficient ways of solving this issue.

Many people prefer using computer screens in order to study, do homework, explore new things, listen to songs, chat with their friends, buy new clothes, watch movies, and so on. These are the things available almost to everybody today. Besides, these opportunities help people to save time and money. Today more and more people choose to stay and work at home using their computers. Nevertheless, modern technologies have disadvantages, such as the negative impact on health, computers and gadgets addiction, lack of personal communication, etc. (Cafferty).

First of all, communication by means of computers rather than meeting personally has a harmful effect on health. Continuous sitting at the computer leads to disorders of spine and back. Besides, it is harmful for eyes, and, thus, some people are constrained to wear glasses. Frequent long-time sitting at a computer may also lead to severe headaches and disorders of blood pressure. People working at their computers use to spend much time in a sitting position and their motion and other physical activities are dramatically limited. This can result in excessive weight, while lack of physical exercises may cause heat disease (Keller).

On the other hand, people working at home by means of the Internet also influence the whole society in a negative way. When sitting a lot at home in front of their computers, people become increasingly lazy and usually avoid going outside to meet with their friends or just walk around (Tardanico). Thus, people’s movement is limited only by their homes. In addition, staying at home makes the person lonely because of continuous communication with the computer only. Technologies make people isolated from the outside society, and due to the lack of face-to-face communication, people cannot find new friends and do not know the taste of real life (Cafferty).

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People start living their lives without any real social contacts. A person builds his or her own world based on a computer screen messages he or she receives. This makes an illusion that a person has a lot of friends, which will always give him or her proper support when needed. However, such person is at a high to experience severe depression when this artificial world is destroyed and he or she gets into a real life. This can happen, for example, when a person loses his or her job (Keller).

Another problem is that many people rely only on the communication technologies available and the Internet when they deal with their clients. They find nothing easier than sending messages to their customers and colleagues via the Internet, pointing out that something was done wrong and should be redone. Despite the fact of convenience, conducting business in a one way communication that by means of technologies will lead to inefficiency. However, many frustrations can be avoided, if people will prefer discussing important things and show examples face-to-face, rather than rely on the web communications (Tardanico).

Obviously, working at home makes this process easiier and more comfortable. However, people working at home also face the problem associated with discipline. In other words, the order of established life style becomes damaged, and the person has no strictly scheduled time. The work is performed on the computer and, thus, a person is able to complete it whenever he or she wants, which does not get to a discipline (Cafferty).

In addition to economical issues, communication by means of technology also leads to a number of social issues. Besides the abovementioned personal disadvantages, such as feeling of loneliness and building of the illusory world, people tend to become more and more insensible. For example, excessive use of emoticons while communicating via Internet has a negative impact on the person’s expression of feelings. The point is that using Internet means people can hide their internal emotional state (Tardanico). However, an eye-to-eye contact in real life helps to discover true feelings and emotions of a person and, therefore, provide timely help or support if needed. Scientists have already proved that constant use of the Internet for communication leads to an increase in loneliness, desolation, stress and a decline in a person’s psychological well-being (Keller).

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Taking into account all the above mentioned information, it should be noted that people create more developed and better technologies, which ease and advance their work. These developments make people lazier, weaker and ill day by day. Without proper walking and fresh-air activities, of which people are deprived when staying at home in front of their computer screeners, weaken their immune systems and, therefore, people become more likely to catch the diseases fast. Besides, as it was already noted, personal communications are much healthier, help in understanding people being in contact, and help to find new friends and not to be isolated from the real life.

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