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District 9

The film Project 9 is a science fiction that describes the arrival of the aliens on earth and finally their life as they interacted with men. The story begins when a large spacecraft lands on earth and hovers around Johannesburg in South Africa. After a period of approximately three months, a group of investigators enter the space craft only to find numerous emaciated creatures and they decide to give them refuge on the land. As a result, these creatures, commonly known as prawns are centralized to a common government in a refugee camp in district 9, Johannesburg (Schürholz 2010). In the beginning of the twenty-first century, the government of South Africa employs a private company under Michaels Dirk, the CEO, to reposition these prawns to district 10. At the same time, three prawns, Christopher, his friend and his son, investigate for a new alien technology that they use to extract some mystifying fluid.

Later, Wikus, the leader of the repositioning process, finds and hides the container tha holds the mystifying fluid and unintentionally spills on his face and it eventually make him sick. As a result, his DNA cells turn into those of the prawn. It is then announced that Wikus has contracted a contiguous disease and therefore has to be isolated from the others. Wikus finds his way to district 9 where he seeks refuge to the aliens. He explains his problem to Christopher who then reveals to him that his mutation can be reversed and become normal once again. However, he gives him a condition that he would only be assisted if he gets the canister from the Multinational United (Stamp 2009). Wikus agrees to this condition and goes to steal weapons from Obasanjo, the Nigerian arm merchant. The two therefore break into the offices of the multinational united, steal the canister and return to their camp, district 9.

Annoyed by the illegal weapons he saw at the multinational united offices, Christopher manipulates Wikus to seek assistance for the other prawns before his DNA could be reversed, a process that required a minimum of approximately three years. Furious at this, Wikus leaves with the module for the command but sooner than his spacecraft takes off; it is shot down and breaks into pieces. Together with Christopher, Wikus is arrested by the multinational united group but in the process, Obasanjo's gang intervenes and after a severe exchange of arms, Obasanjo's men win and take Wikus to Obasanjo (Stamp 2009).

On the other hand, Christopher's son sets to motion the mother ship and the battle suit belonging to the aliens and uses them to kill Obasanjo and his team. Wikus controls the battle suit and set free his friend Christopher. He manages to kill the multinational united gang but his suit gets torn down in the process (Stamp 2009). A sequence of broadcasts and interviews are displayed with people speculation on the whereabouts of Wikus and whether Christopher and his son would come back for reconciliation. Fundiswa on the other hand recovers the illegal weapons that were hidden by the multinational united gang.

Literally, the film displays social problems that the prawns are facing while in the refuge camp. There is a lot of misunderstanding, and oppression whereby the leaders are giving out commands that are difficult to follow. They are shifted from one district to another without their consent simply because they do not have a right of expression in this foreign land. This happening compare to real world situations that occurred in South Africa during the apartheid period. During this period, there was alot of fighting between the whites and the blacks and as a result, most of where the blacks were hosted in district six after being taken out of their homes. Most of these blacks in district 6 were Nigerians hence the place was given the name little Lagos (Chinedu 2009). These habitants were living in fear since they receive command direct from the white governors and there was no way they could raise their voices against them. They faced hardships since many were jobless and did not have even the basic education.

Racism has been experienced since the beginning of time. It has commonly been said that every human kind is obligatory to freedom of association and speech. Thus given time, every individual would exhibit both negative and positive impression concerning the people living around them. In this film, the theme of racism and oppression are clearly displayed (Chinedu 2009). The South Africans had some biasness towards the Nigerians that were living during that era. During this time, most of the Nigerians were ill treated and killed. In the film, we find that aliens were living in the slums where living standards were poor and at time, they would go without food for a long period of time (Chinedu 2009). Before they are moved to district 9, the aliens are found by the experts starving in an aircraft where they had been living for three months now. This indirectly shows how the Nigerians faced rejection from the residents. They were not allocated a better place to live in and as a result, they do not have access to better social amenities.

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Considering this issue in real life situation is that when the Nigerians first arrived in south Africa, they impression they received was that they were primitive blacks who can just come to seek for refuge and that they would be taken to any place and be relocated at any time the government thought of relocating them since their rights were still not known (Schürholz 2010). Thus for this reason, the Nigerians in South Africa are concentrated in a central place in Johannesburg where the living conditions are poor and intolerable. Having no rights of their own or a leader to whom to express their feeling and desires, the Nigerians face oppression and racial discrimination whereby they are manipulated as many times as the government pleases (Schürholz 2010). As a result, most of them become uneducated due to the fact that they do not have access to better schools and eventually they cannot secure better jobs in the public sector and eventually most of them venture into criminal activities such as robbing and drug dealing as illustrated when Christopher and his son together with their friend Wikus plan to and eventually still weapons and experiments from the military company and the arm dealer, Obasanjo.

For instance, Christopher and his son were very aggressive in wanting to know what was happening outside the camp. They trace every activity that the multinational united gang and Obasanjo are involved in. We find Christopher being manipulative and always sway Wikus the way he wants. He wants him to do things the way he wants (Stamp 2009). For instance, when Wikus accidentally pours the mysterious fluid on his face, Christopher tells him that he would have his status reversed to normal only when he brings him weapons and steals to him the technology and experiments that they are using to generate the weapons. Christopher also insights Wikus to break into the offices of the multinational united to steal the canister and other valuable weapons. Christopher's son is also very wwicked since he does not have mercy on the people around him. When he learns that his father has been engaged in a fight with the multinational united army and Obasanjo's gang, Christopher's son plans revenge and kills Obasanjo and his people (Schürholz 2010).

Initially, when he was still possessing human character and nature, Wikus was very curious and could do anything to ensure that he gets the information he wants. For instance, when he notices the container containing the mysterious fluid in it, he does not hesitate in getting to find what was initially contained in the container. His curiosity thus earns him a bad infection which changes his DNA and body functioning similar to those of the aliens (Schürholz 2010). His involvement in criminal activities is a product of his close interaction with the aliens. Before he joins the camp, Wikus was a very nice person and had even been made the leader for the relocation process. However, when he becomes friends with Christopher, he gets spoiled and becomes a criminal as well. This is therefore a clear indication that blacks are spoilers and anyone who would not want his personality and intelligence destructed should not interact with the blacks hence the racial discrimination so as to avoid brain contamination (Stamp 2009). It is this perception that made the whites to have separate social amenities such as schools and hospitals from those of the blacks so as to avoid brain drain and contamination.

Given the fact that Obasanjo was the name of a former Nigerian president, it is evident that the root of the film is Nigeria and every other aspect in it represents the people of Nigeria either directly or indirectly. The way the aliens are represented, dirty, unfriendly and destructive explains how the whites would not freely interact with the blacks because they could not reason and all they could do was to use that which the whites have struggled to earn (Chinedu 2009). They believe that the blacks are helpless and poor creatures who do not have a brain of their own. For instance, when the spacecraft for the aliens lands on Johannesburg, they became incapable of leaving the place because they do not have the appropriate technology to help them get their way out. As a result, they stay there hungry for some months before they are rescued by the team of experts.

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In conclusion, district 9 is a science fiction that involves the interaction of aliens, strange creatures that find their way to Johannesburg, South Africa after the spacecraft in which they were flying landed in the city. However, it takes them three months before they are noticed and taken to a refugee camp in district 9. While in the camp, they start to interact with the residents, among them Wikus and in the process get to learn the technology that they initially lacked. They also get access to the experiments and weapons that the local army was using to fight and eventually make plans on how they would break into their offices and recover them.

The subjective meaning of this system represents the racism that took place in South Africa some decades ago when the South African government, led by the whites discriminated and mistreated Nigerians, who lived in district 6, simple because they are of color and are perceived to be of low intelligence. Racism hit South Africa some decades ago when the government was still under the leadership of the colonial. During this time, there did not exist fair changes between the whites and the blacks and this was the beginning of oppression based on skin color.

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