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Discussion:  a Trifle

1. A trifle is a minor, almost unnoticeable object, which does not get much attention and seems to be not really important. The practice shows that trifles usually explain the situation and add a new context to the information already known. Still, many ignore and overlook the role trifles play in various events and situations. As a rule, trifles are associated with the material objects, which are rarely used or small. The examples are household items, accessories, etc. Moreover, it is possible to speak about the trifles in conversations, meaning some useless or unimportant information.

The title of this play also points to those small unnoticeable items and things. It presupposes that the plot development will depend on some unexpected details and clarifications. On the other hand, such a title may create an impression of the underestimation of the plot events and characters. In any case, it pays readers’ attention to some sudden and surprising circumstances.

2. If the play took place in the 21st century, I would include a female assistant of the county attorney. Additionally, I would find a role for e female correspondent or interviewer, who explores the case and reports about itto the public audience. When speaking about the main characters of the play, I think they would remain the same. I mean I would include two women, attorney and two male witnesses. Generally, this play follows the gender balance, though the given roles of both genders are rather stereotypic and biased.

The play would take place in a big farming cottage surrounded by the garden and big fence. I imagine the kitchen spacious and cold. In my opinion, the settings may remain the same for the contemporary edition of the play as they are quite familiar for the modern times as well.

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3. The county attorney, who possesses power and authority, allows himself not listening to other opinions or interrupting the conversations of male witnesses. The witnesses do not resist his intrusions and continue answering his questions and accompanying him in the house. Moreover, the attorney shows his supremacy over women by demonstrating contempt for their interests and laughing at their assumptions about the murder. However, the women react quite differently to such oppressions. They do not show their disagreement and prefer not talking at all in his company. Only when they are left alone, they discuss the details and share their views.

This play shows that supremacy and authority do not mean wisdom or experience. Often, less respected and recognized individuals can suggest better versions and analysis of the case. Furthermore, it shows that the supreme behavior deprives people of valuable arguments and details essential for the proper understanding of the situation. Therefore, the readers can see who actually loses and who wins in this case.

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4. The women would start the case with a visit to Mrs. Wright and calm chat with her. I think they would look around, praise her needlework, ask about her life and discuss different techniques of knitting, pleating and knotting. In other words, the women would not create the atmosphere of worry and troubles. They would pay attention to discovering Mrs. Wright personal life and outlook. The achieved information would considerably help in analyzing the psychological portrait of Mrs. Wright and her awareness of the murder. That is the main difference between male and female character in this play. The men try to solve the case using their authority and respect. However, the women apply to the issue feelings and inner world. As a result, they are able to notice more trifles and details, which can give clues in the investigation of murder.

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