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Communist Manifesto

The communist manifesto is a document written by Freidrich Engel and Karl Marx. The manifesto is a statement of intentions by the communists. It forms the basis of socialist and communist ideologies. The manifesto starts with Marxists opinion on class struggle. He thought that the society is usually split into two different groups of people; the business people and the employees. This created the master-slave situation. One group exploits the other for their own benefits. With time, the slaves will gain power and eventually subdue the traditionally powerful people. The struggle between slaves and the masters will result to two different classes of people; the merchants and the working class. Marx thought that eventually, the working class would subdue the merchant and the class struggle will come to an end. Eventually, there will be no need for cash, nations and governments. This formed the basis for the communist manifesto.

The manifesto has four sections. The first section is the Bourgeois and proletarians. This section explains the history of class struggles. The society has been divided into different stratus ever since the days of Karl Marx. This creates two opposing forces; the Bourgeois and proletarians. The different classes would constantly fight leading to a new revolution or leading to the destruction of the strong classes of people in the society. In the modern days, new classes of people have emerged. These have led to new forms of oppressions leading to others forms of struggle to counter the oppression. The new society is characterized by new and rapid developments. The manufacturing industry emerged and this led to division of labor among individual factories. Each development was followed by a corresponding political development.

The second part relates to the communists and proletarians. The communists have the same concerns for the proletarians as a whole regardless of their nationalities. The communists aims at overthrowing the bourgeois' power, nd take over power. They are interested in abolishing the bourgeois properties. The idea of the communists is to abolish private property into social property. They also aim at abolishing the minimum wage that aims at accumulating labor in the capital society. The communists also aim at abolishing the women viewed as mere instruments by the bourgeois. The communists want to establish respect and dignity for women. The communists are criticized of trying to introduce free love in the society.

In this second part also, the communists advocate for the abolishment of states and nationalities. Due to the developments in commerce and industries, national differences and ideologies are rapidly vanishing. The proletariat's supremacy will lead to faster vanishing of the same. The communists propose measures that will assist abolish class stratifications. These measures include among others, making all land public, introduction of a graduated tax system, ban inheritance rights, confisticate property in the hands of immigrants and rebels and provision of free education.

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Part three of the manifesto is the literature related to the communists and the socialists. This section differentiates communism form other doctrines. It gives the history of the development and fall of the bourgeois. The bourgeois developed from the aristocracies in Europe, however, during the French Revolution and English reforms, the aristocracies begun to fall. This led to the rise of the feudal aristocracy where people felt that they were fair than the ancient aristocracies. However, with the modern civilization, another class of bourgeois developed. This group of people changed the current production methods into commerce, manufacturers and shop-men.

The socialists differed with the new production methods and their effects of labor division, concentration of land and other forms of capital in a few hands. The socialists aim to restore the traditional production methods to avoid exploitation of the peaasant bourgeois. The socialists also aim to lead people from the revolutionary spirits. They want the society to benefit from the developments in the modern society, but at the same time reducing the fights and struggles related with such developments (Marx, 2003). In all its arguments, the socialist aim at securing the working class. Every undertaking should benefit them.

The communists believe that they are a superior class because they have not been involved in the revolutions as experienced by other classes of people. They aim to achieve their ends through peaceful means and reject all forms of political or revolutionary struggle. The socialists oppose all existing principles of the existing society. They propose measures that will ensure the abolishment of class antagonisms. The communists aim to get a society without any stratification. They dread class struggles and attempts to reconcile all class antagonisms. They appeal to the bourgeois to stop the antagonisms and allow all people to live equally. Properties should be turned public so that all people can benefit from them (Marx, 2003).

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The fourth and the last part of the manifesto give the stand of the communists with regard to other opposition parties. The communists aim to put in place policies that have interests of the working class in mind. As such, communists support parties that have the same manifestos, for instance, in France, they support the democrats. In Poland, the communists ally with the party that concerns itself with agrarian revolution as the primary force for national development. In short, the communists support revolutionary parties that are against the existing political and social status. The communists believe that the proletarians should get into a revolution to fight the bourgeois forcefully out of power. This way, they will get themselves free from the chains that the bourgeois use to enslave them. For the communists, the proletarians have no option but to win and rule the world.

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