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Critical research paper is a critical essay that involves important time to be spent on research process. It mainly involves an argument and presenting evidence that support that argument. The writer of a critical research paper should be aware of the method of presenting an argument that has logic behind it. He/she should have the ability to think critically in debatable issues. The quality of the essay should be really good. The writer should mention the reason behind every argument. Critical research paper writing is very significant form of writing. The writer should possess some skills for writing a critical research papers. The main purpose of writing this essay is to give your own opinions in the form of an argument and proofs to the argument. It is important for the writer to have critical skills. The writer should have good knowledge about the topic of an essay. It is important to show the points supporting your point of view that you are going to show in your essay.

Critical research papers can be written in paragraphs. There should be an introduction paragraph, main body paragraph, and the conclusion. The introduction paragraph should explain the meaning of the topic and should introduce the argumentative statement. The thesis statement can also be added in the introductory paragraph. The main body of the essay should have the main content. It should have the arguments and the proofs to those arguments. Every paragraph is equally important and should be well written by the writer. The conclusion is the end of an essay. It should summarize all the points. It is very important for the writer to keep up the interest of the reader from beginning till the conclusion.

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The writer should choose the topic for critical research papers very carefully. There is no fun of choosing a topic that is new for the writer. He/she should pay more attention to the arguments he/she wants to mention in the article. The essay should be well researched. The reader should find the essay interesting to read. The writer should think whether these arguments are convincing or they can be argued. He/she is free to express their opinion in the form of an argument. Therefore, critical research papers are the papers that express an argument with proofs. 

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