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Often, students face a choice of essay topics from which they must select the topic they will write an essay on for their particular course. When their choice is made, the student then needs to establish an effective structure for their work and decide what he or she will actually write. The choice of essay topics can vary in subject matter from the general to the specific, according to the nature of the course, the tutor and the student level. Another norm is for the tutor to either assign the same topic to all students or permit them to develop their work on any subtopic relevant to the primary subject.
Selecting a strong research paper subject is central to the success of the written project. It is not unusual for students to find the selection of essay topics confusing. Some would say this is the hardest part of the essay writing process. The objective of this document is to ease your way in determining a strong research paper subject. This useful guide will help you select stimulating subjects with strong themes.

When a student faces a dilemma choosing their research paper subject, they should know that there are numerous resources at hand to assist them. The Internet is a popular choice for sourcing help on essay-related topics. For instance, students might refer to existing college texts on a particular topic, written by previous students or, they might browse to see what search results emerge.

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Essay topics bear resemblance to essay theses. While essay topics convey a generalized view of what the student will write about, essay theses are definite statements that the student will endeavour to support with arguments or evidence. An essay’s thesis should bear direct relevance to the essay’s topic but the thesis can only be written when the student knows what the subject matter is.

• It is important you clearly understand the nature of the assignment. Read all instructions carefully and ask for clarification where necessary.
• Try and avoid the temptation of choosing a theme from an existing work. Be creative and select a topic that challenges your intellect. A stimulating topic is likely to help you produce an effective research paper with greater ease. A positive outlook will help towards better management of the time spent on the project.
• Assess your research paper subject to ensure it comes across well. Maybe, ask these questions:
o Is this suitable subject matter for my essay?
o Is this research paper subject too wide-ranging or too limiting?
o Is this subject easy to understand or does it need clarification?
o Will this research paper subject be too complex for me to write effectively about?
• Select a research paper subject that is stimulating and challenging. Examine narrow topics. If possible, discuss your choice of topic with your instructor at an early stage in the process. If you consider your essay topic too broad-ranging, narrow it down to a manageable size.
• Bear in mind that your research paper subject will need supporting by credible research sources e.g. textbooks, peer-reviewed articles, etc.
• Use evidence and quotations to support your main opinions on the selected topic.

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