• Why Readers Adore One Hundred Years of Solitude?

    Why Readers Adore One Hundred Years of Solitude?

    Translated into 44 languages, One Hundred Years of Solitude written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of the most worldwide popular Spanish literary works after Don Quixote. The novel’s mixture of fantasy and reality, which defines One Hundred Years of Solitude as a form of magic realism, is the main peculiarity of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s book. According to William Kennedy, One Hundred Years of Solitude is “a masterpiece that should be read by each representative of the human race. Gabriel Garcia Marques belongs to the Nobel Prize Winners in Literature owing to his work ...

  • Scientists Going too Far

    Scientists Going too Far

    Modern science amazes with its discoveries. Every day you can see scientific achievements all around: up-to-date gadgets that cope with many functions and make your life much easier; smartphones or computers, which help us to communicate with people around the world, forward messages and files; home appliances, which help to save a lot of time that is very important for a modern person. It seems that the aim of science is to make a people’s life comfortable and help them in everything. At first glance, science and scientists do not intend anything bad. However, actually, science has ...

  • Writing a Personal Statement

    Writing a Personal Statement

    A form of a formal essay that gives your personal experience, academic background, notable qualities and achievements is a personal statement. Why do many institutions need a personal essay? There are a few reasons: determining how a candidate organizes his or her thoughts, testing the level of English, and a personality test. Personal statement plays a great role on whether you will get an admission or not, check out these simple tips to manage your personal statement. Writing a Personal Statement Keep in Mind to: Keep the Essay Precise It’s important to remember about the length of ...

  • How Private School Prepares You for College

    How Private School Prepares You for College

    When young people apply for a private school, they have an ultimate goal of getting into a prestigious college. But how is a private school be able to prepare an ordinary student for college? Private Schools Provide Exceptional Academics According to the recent research, students who studied both at boarding schools and private ones were prepared for college better both in academic and non-academic fields than those who attended only public schools. Additionally, students who were going to private school had more chances to get advanced degrees. Boarding school students had the highest ...

  • Celebrity Interviews You’ll Definitely Laugh At

    Celebrity Interviews You’ll Definitely Laugh At

    It seems that contemporary daytime television is all about talk shows and interviews. And it’s not surprising. Many people love celebrity interviews because they can be very entertaining. TV show hosts and their guests rehearse their interviews to make sure that they are informative, funny, and enjoyable to watch. However, sometimes something goes not exactly as expected, and it makes an interview even more hilarious. Here are some examples of interviews that will make you laugh. Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield Interviewing Miriam Margolyes Comedians are known to be quite ...

  • Cooking Tastily, Easily and Quickly

    Cooking Tastily, Easily and Quickly

    Most students start their independent life away from home living in a dormitory, where they have to manage their own budget. This makes the student life a time for hunger as there is no mom near to prepare meals. So are there any ways to survive in college and not to stay hungry? Here are some tips that will help you learn cooking healthy, quick, and cheap meals. Getting Action As you get to the dormitory after your classes, you probably do not have power for making anything. Most students just want to relax after a tense day full of classes. But you also want to eat. The truth is that if you ... Testimonials


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