• The Analysis of the Matrix Movie

    The Analysis of the Matrix Movie

    I guess everybody has watched and compared the Matrix and Star Wars, especially considering the fact that both movies are based on presenting imaginary living spaces. However, the Matrix and Star Wars are completely different. While Star Wars depicts an ideal space, the Matrix presents a dystopia for all the human beings. Therefore, the differences between two worlds are discernible. The plot of the Matrix sets in a surreal world, where humans exist without realizing its madness. Artificial intelligence becomes harmful and dangerous to human welfare since it provokes conflicts and even ...

  • Tips for a Novice Writer

    Tips for a Novice Writer

    Whether writing for you is a piece of cake or the most strenuous task, which requires tremendous efforts and an unknown amount of hours, days or even years, we will make you start enjoying this activity at any cost. In case you feel like doing anything else except writing essays, there is definitely something that went wrong. The following article is going to fix this gap and let you feel less like in the jungle and be more in your element while writing a paper. To start with, it is worth mentioning that success of your work depends on your attitude towards the process itself. The way you ...

  • Perks of Being Shy

    Perks of Being Shy

    Sometimes, a society considers shy people being aliens. That’s simply because common people don’t understand the world of shy people. Usually, loud companies make you feel uncomfortable, group discussions never hear your voice even though you know the right answer, sometimes, you manage to become invisible, and so on. This how the things go for you if you are a shy person. However, you underestimate your potential and value for other people. Just learn how to use your secret skills. How Does It Feel to Be a Shy Person? Dealing with the Group of People You See for the First ...

  • Imprint These Important Things on Your Memory

    Imprint These Important Things on Your Memory

    Four Things in Life You Wished to Know Earlier Life is always unpredictable and it gives us lessons at the most inappropriate moments. These lessons are a real school of life. Without living the particular moment, you are never going to be ready for it. Slowly and constantly life teaches you to live it fully. Of course, each of us wished he knew the lesson earlier, so he wouldn’t regret taking a responsibility or not doing what they had to do. To help you be more aware of situations, we arranged the list of four things you don’t want to learn too late in life. Bigger ...

  • Cozy Living For Free

    Cozy Living For Free

    Tips on how to Find Absolutely Free Luxury Housing Student years are a great time. Young people value the simplest pleasures of life. Students are often poor, but, their youth is filled with vivid emotions and interesting events. They are happy without money in their pockets; they eat cheap fast food, wear low-priced clothes, live in modest dormitories and enjoy every day of their lives. Of course, it is so good to appreciate what you have. However, you always need to strive for the best and demand more from your life, even if you are just starting out, you are young and you do not have ...

  • No to Animal Experiments

    No to Animal Experiments

    In recent years, animal testing has sparked a fiery debate all over the world. Basically, it has divided the global society into two opposite camps: those who justify it as a necessary measure to ensure people’s safety and those condemn it as a cruel and completely inhuman practice. In this article, we advocate the later point of view. It is extremely sad that in 2017, animals are still being subjected to harmful and very often lethal experiments by the cosmetics and household products’ safety researches in the vast majority of countries. You may not be a huge animal lover, but ... Testimonials


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