• Film Review Sample

    Film Review Sample

    The Main Idea of the Movie Hotel Rwanda The film “Hotel Rwanda” is based on real events so be prepared to learn the shocking details about the events of 1994. This is the case when more than a thousand people depended on the courage of one person who was able to cross over his fear, surrounding everyone with care. This motion picture is rather contrasting because in the beginning you can see a paradise. Against the backdrop of poverty, sloth, and devastation, the viewer will see a wonderful hotel. This film presents the insidiousness of the tourist business when the whole country ...

  • Stages of Writing a Proper Essay

    Stages of Writing a Proper Essay

    Probably every person in his or her life has written essays, regardless of his or her profession. Essay is one of the main types of work during study. Schoolchildren and students of colleges and universities write such texts very often. Not everyone can write a good essay for the very first time. The art of writing should be studied and practiced constantly. If you devote it enough attention and try hard, everything will turn out fine. Here is a list of the main stages on the way to creating a good essay, as well as some helpful tips for you. The Secrets of the Perfect Students ...

  • Professional and Academic Writing

    Professional and Academic Writing

    As a rule, academic writing belongs to a professional type of writing. Often these words are even used interchangeably to denote the same thing. Professional academic writing has its own rules of structure and organization. Besides, when submitting professional pieces of writing, it is important to adhere to specific vocabulary style and rules of the logical organization. The Process of Writing Academic Papers Before writing an academic paper, a person needs to conduct a thorough research and gather enough scholarly, peer-reviewed resources from which it is possible to extract credible ...

  • How to Train Writing and Reading Simultaneously?

    How to Train Writing and Reading Simultaneously?

    In the process of learning a language, reading and writing should be paid special attention to. These are the interrelated skills that everyone needs in the process of acquiring and mastering language skills. Focusing on either reading comprehension exercises or writing exercises is not a good way out, as these skills should be practiced regularly and in an interrelated way. You won’t learn the principles of proper writing without reading and vice versa. Therefore, make sure you take an efficient approach and help yourself develop these skills at the same time. In this article, we ...

  • The Rules of Proofreading of Students Essay

    The Rules of Proofreading of Students Essay

    The essay is one of the most common assignments that students receive at college. Having a good idea and ready-made text is only a half of your work. A qualitatively written essay should be reread and checked well. Only in this case, you will avoid many misspellings made due to inattention. Here are some recommendations which will help you learn how to reread your essays and correct the mistakes. A Few Steps of Efficient Proofreading Remember Your Mistakes Remember, or what is even better, write down the mistakes you made in your previous essays, this will significantly reduce the number of ...

  • Getting Ready for the New Term

    Getting Ready for the New Term

    Everyone speaks about getting ready for the first year in college. And it seems that no one thinks that preparing to the second one is equally important. We know that it can be even more important for you, because most likely you want to do better during the second year than you did in the first one. Now you are older and wiser. You got the first-year college experience and you have learnt something from it. You know that you will have to manage even more coursework than you did in the first year. You are going to have more essay writing that may be harder to complete than those pieces, which ... Testimonials


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