• Bullying in School Essay

    Bullying in School Essay

    Essay is the most popular type of academic writing which requires the student to present his or her views on a specific issue in a way that is defined by the essay type. For instance, argumentative essay requires you to prove your point by providing arguments, in exemplification essay you need to give examples, in persuasive essay your main goal is to persuade the reader in your point of view, etc. Writing a decent essay requires good writing and analytical skills, and it is also necessary to follow a specific structure which includes introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Topic ...

  • Tips on How to Use Singular and Massive Nouns in Research Works

    Tips on How to Use Singular and Massive Nouns in Research Works

    Scientific writing is an intricate and massive type of work. It requires author’s devotion and a desire to dig deeper. That is why absorbed by developing a sophisticated topic and elaborating earthshaking ideas, a writer might not pay attention to some grammar details. However, it does not matter how valuable the issues discussed are, such silly mistakes might spoil the whole paper. Problems the Writers Face Completing Scientific Research One of the frequent problems of such kind is mass nouns. The regular nouns cause no puzzlement as their form their plurality simply adding ...

  • Examples of Problem Definition in Research

    Examples of Problem Definition in Research

      Problem definition is one of the vital steps in research because it will be the basis for a subsequent problem statement and, consequently, for the definition of goals and objectives. Only after completing these steps can you identify the main research question of the paper. Below you can find a sample of a problem definition of a thesis that aims at studying a practical issue. Although your topic might differ, you can use this sample as a guide when defining a problem in your research. Problem Definition (Sample) Introduction A school director in Liverpool is looking for a third-year ...

  • Rules of Creating a Critical Analysis Essay

    Rules of Creating a Critical Analysis Essay

    Students often face the task of writing a critical analysis of some scientific or social phenomenon. For example, future art critics often have to describe works of various art trends. Professors often give the task of conducting a critical analysis of students’ previous works to check how well they have learned the teaching material. In this type of essay, your own subjective opinion and views on the problem play a major role. In order to be successful in critical analytical writing, you need to have a good erudition in different spheres of human life and be able to express your ...

  • Technology Essay Topics

    Technology Essay Topics

    With the advent of new technologies, our lives start changing fast. We have seen it many times, especially during the past century. Extraction of oil and coil changed the rules in the beginning of the 20th century and in the end of the century the Internet was introduced and it has completely changed the world once again. In the 21st century sophisticated gadgets, renewable sources of energy and advancements in neurophysiology are changing the game. No matter what big technology we’re talking about, their introduction meant that many of the old skills were no longer valued. Considering ...

  • How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay

    How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay

    Definition of the Literary Essay A literary essay is defined as a short piece of writing which aimed at investigating and analyzing the value, meaning, and structure of a certain piece of literature. Two key things are necessary in order to write brilliant literary analysis essays – creative thinking and thorough knowledge of the literary item that you’re investigating. Literary Essays as a Personal Experience In case you want to succeed in writing an excellent literary analysis essay you need to read the necessary piece of literature more than once. The first reading will help ... Testimonials


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