• How to Achieve Your Goals

    How to Achieve Your Goals

    I bet that everyone has childhood dreams of becoming someone. We often hear a phrase “when I was a kid, I always wanted to be...” However, the majority end up with any other job but not the one they have always wanted. Therefore, people have jobs that do not bring them any satisfaction. Is it actually fine? Should a childhood dream be accomplished? Set Realistic Goals It is a well-known fact that children tend to exaggerate. Moreover, the world is constantly developing. It might happen that you will have a job that didn’t even exist when you were a kid. So, is it rational to ...

  • Useful Tips Concerning an Opinion Survey Essay

    Useful Tips Concerning an Opinion Survey Essay

    When you have conducted an opinion survey, the most important thing you have to do next is to sum up your results and write them in such a good way so that it makes an essay eye-catching and informative. As a matter of fact, you can use different formats in order to put your results on the paper and not only on paper. Among them are bullet point presentations, Excel spreadsheets, or an essay that presents the summary of the results. To tell you the truth, the essay format makes it available to write all the gathered material and facts correctly and with all necessary details. Actually, in ...

  • How to Choose a Topic for a Sociology Research Proposal

    How to Choose a Topic for a Sociology Research Proposal

    Sociology is a relatively new field. However, it has become quite popular in recent years. Many students decide to dedicate their lives to the study of human behavior in various contexts. As of now, there still is a wide range of unexplored issues that require the attention of young scholars. This is probably why it can be so hard to focus on one. Here are a few pieces of advice on how to find a research topic that suits you best. Imagine the Field Complexly Sociology is a compound discipline. People who study it should understand that they must keep abreast of the latest developments in such ...

  • What Is the American Dream?

    What Is the American Dream?

    The American Dream is considered as a fundamental part of the American culture. Although it was of utmost importance in the first half of the 20th century, it still continues to represent the needs and aspirations of modern Americans. Therefore, it is essential to understand the concept of the American Dream. The first constituent of the American Dream is the dream of abundance, which implies the ability of the USA to possess a large amount of material goods. Since the United States of America is a country of the producers and consumers, other nations are envious of its prosperity. The ...

  • Article Critique

    Article Critique

    First of all, a critic is a thoughtful and interested reader. Criticism is aimed at interpreting the works of art from the modern perspective. What Is a Good Article Critique A perfectly written article critique sheds light on the work of art (particularly a literary product) and provides potential readers with an opportunity to decide whether this book, article or another literary work is worth reading. If the target audience consists mostly of people who have already familiar with this work, the critic’s task is to clarify the sense he/she noticed in the product by giving an ...

  • 5 Famous Art Galleries in the World

    5 Famous Art Galleries in the World

    Must Visit Places where Creativity Dwells If we need art to deepen our aesthetic perception, then we need vibrant galleries to safeguard the essential oeuvres. Artists of different epochs are not neglected owing to such creative temples. How many great paintings have you seen in your life? If you visit at least one magnificent gallery, you’ll fall in love with art Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) Created in 1870, this cultural temple features pieces of art from antiquity to Ancient Egypt. Besides beautiful examples of American art, it keeps remarkable sculptures and paintings by ... Testimonials


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