No to Animal Experiments

Animal Experiments In recent years, animal testing has sparked a fiery debate all over the world. Basically, it has divided the global society into two opposite camps: those who justify it as a necessary measure to ensure people’s safety and those condemn it as a cruel and completely inhuman practice. In this article, we advocate the later point of view.

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It is extremely sad that in 2017, animals are still being subjected to harmful and very often lethal experiments by the cosmetics and household products’ safety researches in the vast majority of countries. You may not be a huge animal lover, but you have to admit one thing: animals have rights, just like people do. The fact that they are not able to voice their refusal to participate in experiments doesn’t mean that humanity has the right to use innocent living creatures as the tools for tests.

Come to think of it, animals are not as different from humans as some of us would like to imagine. The key point in this case is that they can feel, hear and see just like humans do. So, why do we make them go through the things none of us would ever agree to? Why do we take them away from their natural habitat, put them in cages and make them suffer from chemicals that burn their eyes and skin? Some would say: to make sure that those products don’t harm people. True, but is it really worth doing this? Moreover, there are many cruel-free and non-animal ways that can be applied to test products’ safety. For example, using artificial tissue structures manufactured from human cells instead of the living things.

So, what can each human do in order to stop all the forms of animal testing? The answer is to cease buying the products that are tested on animals. Signing petitions against conducting experiments on animals and writing letters to the companies that do this can be great, but it won’t help if you continue buying those products. A decrease in sales speaks better than any complaint letter. In conclusion, remember that animals do not do anything to deserve the pain that researches force them to endure. Let’s all stay human. Testimonials

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