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  • Writing Short and Longer Essays

    Writing Short and Longer Essays

    Most students who need to write an essay find themselves stuck with two main questions: how many pages should be written and how much time should be spent on composing an essay? Well, the latter depends on your writing skills, while the former can turn out to be a tricky one. So, we have prepared for you a quick guide on how to write 200, 300, or 500-word essays. 200 Words – Keep It Brief but to the Point Writing such a short essay can be more difficult than writing longer papers since you need to squeeze all important information in the minimum number of sentences. In light of this, ...

  • Pet Peeve Essay Tips

    Pet Peeve Essay Tips

    Many students struggle to write their academic papers correctly, and because of different demanding academic requirements, they feel greatly discouraged. But you will be surprised if our experts tell you that a lot of students also face many difficulties when they need to write simple essays on "How do you spend your free time", "What was the best event during your summer holidays", "Who is your best friend", etc. What could be more natural than these questions? However, these questions sometimes become awkward because they ask us to write about our feelings, our private life, etc. One more ...

  • Technology Essay Topics

    Technology Essay Topics

    With the advent of new technologies, our lives start changing fast. We have seen it many times, especially during the past century. Extraction of oil and coil changed the rules in the beginning of the 20th century and in the end of the century the Internet was introduced and it has completely changed the world once again. In the 21st century sophisticated gadgets, renewable sources of energy and advancements in neurophysiology are changing the game. No matter what big technology we’re talking about, their introduction meant that many of the old skills were no longer valued. Considering ...

  • How to Train Writing and Reading Simultaneously?

    How to Train Writing and Reading Simultaneously?

    In the process of learning a language, reading and writing should be paid special attention to. These are the interrelated skills that everyone needs in the process of acquiring and mastering language skills. Focusing on either reading comprehension exercises or writing exercises is not a good way out, as these skills should be practiced regularly and in an interrelated way. You won’t learn the principles of proper writing without reading and vice versa. Therefore, make sure you take an efficient approach and help yourself develop these skills at the same time. In this article, we ...

  • Writing a Personal Statement

    Writing a Personal Statement

    A form of a formal essay that gives your personal experience, academic background, notable qualities and achievements is a personal statement. Why do many institutions need a personal essay? There are a few reasons: determining how a candidate organizes his or her thoughts, testing the level of English, and a personality test. Personal statement plays a great role on whether you will get an admission or not, check out these simple tips to manage your personal statement. Writing a Personal Statement Keep in Mind to: Keep the Essay Precise It’s important to remember about the length of ...

  • 6 Mistakes in Essay Writing That All Students Should Avoid

    6 Mistakes in Essay Writing That All Students Should Avoid

    Most of the guides on essay writing advise you to make a solid thesis statement and to stick to the structure. While these tips are definitely important, they’re not the only ones that you should consider if you want to become a successful essay writer. When you learn how to write your essay without the following six mistakes, the quality of your papers will increase dramatically. Too many Arguments. Both essay guides and your professor want you to defend your thesis statement with solid arguments. This is why too many students end up including too many unnecessary arguments in their ... Testimonials


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