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  • How to Start a Narrative Essay Strikingly

    How to Start a Narrative Essay Strikingly

    The way you start your narrative essay defines whether you will manage to keep your audience interested to the end of your essay or not. A top-notch hook can grab the reader's attention from the very beginning. Besides, your audience will take to your narrative if they find it catchy and interesting from the start and will surely want to read it to the end. As a rule, readers are not able to retain their attention for a long time while reading which means they will gradually lose their concentration till it disappears at all. While reading, we can retain our concentration only for a couple ...

  • The Problem of Poverty in the Modern World

    The Problem of Poverty in the Modern World

    The threat of poverty of the population is the global social danger today. Unemployment, economic and social instability, the loss of hopes, the collapse of plans are developing the process of marginalization of the population. That is why it is associated with regress in social development. There is a large stratification between the rich and the poor people in our time, which leads the poor to bitterness, dissatisfaction with their lives. In the ordinary sense of the word, poverty is the inability of the family to satisfy basic needs for food, clothing, and housing with the help of current ...

  • An Excellent Hook Sentence

    An Excellent Hook Sentence

    When we are looking for something to read, we decide right from the very beginning whether this article or book is worth our time. That’s why an opening line must be a great one; otherwise, the chances that a reader will continue reading are minimal. The hook is meant to be the motivation factor that inspires people to read the entire text. Students are advised to start an academic paper of any type with a hook sentence. A hook sentence suggests what kind of questions will be raised and what the topic is. It helps significantly to intrigue the reading audience to the end. What ...

  • Examples of Problem Definition in Research

    Examples of Problem Definition in Research

      Problem definition is one of the vital steps in research because it will be the basis for a subsequent problem statement and, consequently, for the definition of goals and objectives. Only after completing these steps can you identify the main research question of the paper. Below you can find a sample of a problem definition of a thesis that aims at studying a practical issue. Although your topic might differ, you can use this sample as a guide when defining a problem in your research. Problem Definition (Sample) Introduction A school director in Liverpool is looking for a third-year ...

  • How Children Are Being Influenced by Ads

    How Children Are Being Influenced by Ads

    All marketing techniques pursue one goal – to make people use the product that is being advertised. However, sometimes the target market can become apprehensive, and as a result, the advertisement fails to fulfil its ultimate mission. In such cases, marketers start looking for other social groups they can target, and that’s when children and teenagers are being exposed the most. What are the techniques used by marketing companies to influence children? They are not dramatically different from general ones because they still follow the rule of 4Ps in marketing – Product, ...

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