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  • The Best Excuses for not Doing Your Homework

    The Best Excuses for not Doing Your Homework

    Why didn’t you do your homework? What do you usually say to the teacher? Logically, you should have a reason that prevented you from doing it. The reason must be compelling, not causing any questions. In addition, it must be confirmed by parents (in case of contact of the teacher and parents, which can be quite simply done via the Internet now). I Did not Understand the Task Students love to say they tried to do something, but either the question was not understood, or the teacher’s assignment was unclear. Responsible learners in such a situation do another task, apologize and ...

  • Getting Ready for the New Term

    Getting Ready for the New Term

    Everyone speaks about getting ready for the first year in college. And it seems that no one thinks that preparing to the second one is equally important. We know that it can be even more important for you, because most likely you want to do better during the second year than you did in the first one. Now you are older and wiser. You got the first-year college experience and you have learnt something from it. You know that you will have to manage even more coursework than you did in the first year. You are going to have more essay writing that may be harder to complete than those pieces, which ...

  • Perks of Being Shy

    Perks of Being Shy

    Sometimes, a society considers shy people being aliens. That’s simply because common people don’t understand the world of shy people. Usually, loud companies make you feel uncomfortable, group discussions never hear your voice even though you know the right answer, sometimes, you manage to become invisible, and so on. This how the things go for you if you are a shy person. However, you underestimate your potential and value for other people. Just learn how to use your secret skills. How Does It Feel to Be a Shy Person? Dealing with the Group of People You See for the First ...

  • Cozy Living For Free

    Cozy Living For Free

    Tips on how to Find Absolutely Free Luxury Housing Student years are a great time. Young people value the simplest pleasures of life. Students are often poor, but, their youth is filled with vivid emotions and interesting events. They are happy without money in their pockets; they eat cheap fast food, wear low-priced clothes, live in modest dormitories and enjoy every day of their lives. Of course, it is so good to appreciate what you have. However, you always need to strive for the best and demand more from your life, even if you are just starting out, you are young and you do not have ...

  • Cooking Tastily, Easily and Quickly

    Cooking Tastily, Easily and Quickly

    Most students start their independent life away from home living in a dormitory, where they have to manage their own budget. This makes the student life a time for hunger as there is no mom near to prepare meals. So are there any ways to survive in college and not to stay hungry? Here are some tips that will help you learn cooking healthy, quick, and cheap meals. Getting Action As you get to the dormitory after your classes, you probably do not have power for making anything. Most students just want to relax after a tense day full of classes. But you also want to eat. The truth is that if you ...

  • Making Your Summer Job Beneficial

    Making Your Summer Job Beneficial

    Summertime is amazing period of a year – warm evenings, short nights and a lot of leisure activities. Children usually perceive this time as a nice chance to get rest and enjoy their school holidays. It seems that for them summer lasts forever. For adults, this time continues much less for some reason. And the older people get, the shorter summer seems to be. Most factories and plants organize continuous vacations for their employees during this shiny weather. These people have a chance to spend some time with pleasure and benefit. Quite a popular idea among workers is to take ... Testimonials


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