5 Famous Art Galleries in the World

5 Famous Art Galleries in the World

Must Visit Places where Creativity Dwells

If we need art to deepen our aesthetic perception, then we need vibrant galleries to safeguard the essential oeuvres. Artists of different epochs are not neglected owing to such creative temples. How many great paintings have you seen in your life? If you visit at least one magnificent gallery, you’ll fall in love with art

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Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)

Created in 1870, this cultural temple features pieces of art from antiquity to Ancient Egypt. Besides beautiful examples of American art, it keeps remarkable sculptures and paintings by notable European masters. You’ll be no less impressed by Oceanic, Byzantine, Asian, African, and Islamic art. Music lovers will admire a great collection of old-world musical instruments, and adherents of historical reconstruction will be fascinated by costumes and accessories.

National Palace Museum (Taipei)

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More than four thousand years of Chinese art, from the Shang to the Qing era, dwell in this majestic art realm. The museum exhibits imperial collections of paintings, as well as art documents and objects, including decorative carvings, ceramics, lacquerware, tapestry and embroidery, calligraphic art, and books.

National Museum of Korea (Seoul)

This Korean art temple exhibits more than 220,000 masterworks. Being an adornment of Yongsan Family Park, it reveals an ancient history of Korean civilization. Stunning paintings, calligraphy examples, and marvelous Buddhist sculptures reflect the lushness of Asian culture.

Musee d’Orsay (Paris)

Nowadays, the collection of this museum consists of creations by renowned artists, including Monet, Degas, van Gogh, and Cezanne. Besides, exceptional events and miscellaneous exhibitions are held there throughout the year. If you want to visit an art gallery in Paris, don’t miss this place.

British Museum (London)

An empire of incredible artifacts and famous examples of world art is situated in London. The number itself – eight million oeuvres – will make you feel creative vertigo. While visiting this museum, you’ll transcend time and space and contemplate the origins of human culture from its first humble steps to unbelievable artistic embodiments. The most significant attractions can be found in the Holy Land rooms, as well as in the African, American, and Rome Britain galleries. If you decide to view every work housed there, you should think about moving to the British capital.

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Never say that to visit an art gallery or a museum is a waste of time. Just imagine an intricate process of art creation – it reminds people of communication with higher forces. Meanwhile, the contemplation of art may turn into a comprehension of your inner genius.

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