• Essay about Happiness

    Essay about Happiness

    It goes without saying that most people strive to be happy. At the same time, many people find it overwhelmingly to achieve happiness. In most cases, it stamps from the fact that that they do not perceive happiness as something natural. Luckily, there are multiple strategies that can help people to find happiness. The most important thing is that people should perceive happiness as their number one priority, to find the strength to be grateful for the life they have even if the world seems to be crashing down. Happiness is also highly dependent on people in one's life, the job they do, and ...

  • How to Write a Good Reaction Paper

    How to Write a Good Reaction Paper

    Analytical exploration of the text reveals the information load of the article and its semantic content. This kind of research is used to determine the authors' professional level, the originality of the ideological report to the reader, the style of writing, and the peculiarities of the presentation in the article. Informational Research If you want to analyze the article of a particular author professionally, first, you need to be guided by certain items of the analysis of the material. The article should be read very attentively. Informational research begins with the correspondence of ...

  • Writing Short and Longer Essays

    Writing Short and Longer Essays

    Most students who need to write an essay find themselves stuck with two main questions: how many pages should be written and how much time should be spent on composing an essay? Well, the latter depends on your writing skills, while the former can turn out to be a tricky one. So, we have prepared for you a quick guide on how to write 200, 300, or 500-word essays. 200 Words – Keep It Brief but to the Point Writing such a short essay can be more difficult than writing longer papers since you need to squeeze all important information in the minimum number of sentences. In light of this, ...

  • The Best Excuses for not Doing Your Homework

    The Best Excuses for not Doing Your Homework

    Why didn’t you do your homework? What do you usually say to the teacher? Logically, you should have a reason that prevented you from doing it. The reason must be compelling, not causing any questions. In addition, it must be confirmed by parents (in case of contact of the teacher and parents, which can be quite simply done via the Internet now). I Did not Understand the Task Students love to say they tried to do something, but either the question was not understood, or the teacher’s assignment was unclear. Responsible learners in such a situation do another task, apologize and ...

  • The Importance of Yoga in Student Life

    The Importance of Yoga in Student Life

    College life is a complex period because students are overloaded with numerous tasks and duties. They spend a lot of their time preparing for exams, writing papers and doing research work. They strive to improve their academic performance and sometimes it may bring stress and tension. Some colleges and schools developed courses and programs that help students get rid of stress related to their education. Yoga lessons are included in the program as well. Many students have already felt the benefits of doing yoga. Yoga helps to smooth your mind and relax your body. In addition, it can improve ...

  • How to Start a Narrative Essay Strikingly

    How to Start a Narrative Essay Strikingly

    The way you start your narrative essay defines whether you will manage to keep your audience interested to the end of your essay or not. A top-notch hook can grab the reader's attention from the very beginning. Besides, your audience will take to your narrative if they find it catchy and interesting from the start and will surely want to read it to the end. As a rule, readers are not able to retain their attention for a long time while reading which means they will gradually lose their concentration till it disappears at all. While reading, we can retain our concentration only for a couple ... Testimonials


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