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Submitting a Refund Application 

  1. Customers can apply for refunds within 2 weeks from the expiry of an order’s deadline. Plagiarism-related refunds are not subject to timeframe restrictions. However, customers should submit a legitimate plagiarism report to prove the writer is at fault.

Note: Some of the plagiarism detection services that are considered credible are Turnitin and its partners (e.g., WriteCheck and iThenticate). Correctly formatted quotes taken directly from another text, referenced sources and tables of content are not classed as plagiarism. Plagiarism detection systems such as SafeAssign.com cannot be considered reliable as the reports produced by this system usually highlight direct quotations and references as instances of plagiarism. Additionally, handwritten notes or comments within files cannot be considered as credible proof.

  1. In the case of a continuation order, our company cannot be held responsible for plagiarism detected in any section of a paper written or provided by a customer. Only those parts created by our company’s writers will undergo authenticity testing.
  2. Should a customer feel dissatisfied with an order, our Refunds Team will look at their case and report on the matter. Where a claim is justified, we will refund the customer in full or partially. All requests are responded to within 3-4 working days.


  1. Free revisions may be requested within 2 days after deadline expiration. Beyond this timeline, a new order will need to be placed by way of compensation. Where a writer offers or agrees to undertake revisions free-of-charge, it will not be possible to provide a further refund.
  2. For lengthier papers, e.g., those in excess of 20 pages, customers have up to 30 days after the deadline’s expiry date to request a free revision. 
  3. Our free revision policy is not applied where a customer changes the originally provided instructions the originally provided. If vital instructions are not provided until an order is completed or during the writing process, we may ask you to submit another order to compensate our writing staff.
  4. Where free revisions are required, the customer should set a new completion timeframe when sending their revision requirements. Sometimes, revisions can take a day if the instructions are complicated or we find it difficult to reassign the order. Nevertheless, in every case, our company will endeavor to complete your revisions within the timeframe agreed upon.
  5. We recommend that customers check their profile pages and email for possible correspondence from our writers or administration team. At times, unfortunately, customers neglect to upload or attach important materials with their initial order. Customers are responsible for providing detailed and essential materials when placing an order or if our writers ask for it.
  6. There is an “Extended Revision” option for a client to choose when the order is placed, for the 30% of the initial order price. This allows deadline extension for a free revision up to 14 days. Yet, initiating a revision should be in strict accordance with the original instructions. Please note that additional fee for “Extended Revision” is not reimbursed if a customer does not submit a revision request.

A Full Refund

  1. Full refunds (100%) may be requested if a customer was charged twice or mistakenly placed an identical or duplicate order. In these cases, the customer should cancel their order immediately by contacting our support team.
  2.  Customers are entitled to a full refund (100%) if we do not manage to find or assign a suitably qualified writer.
  3. If a 100% refund is issued, the customer should no longer use any papers or materials provided by our company for any purpose.

A Partial Refund

  1. The customer may ask for some of their money to be refunded if they specified the wrong number of pages on the order form. Our company will refund part of the price of the order based on the correct number of words.
  2.  Where a customer selects the incorrect writing level, e.g., College instead of High School, our company may reduce the amount of the refund by an appropriate percentage.
  3. Where a customer provides contradictory instructions or information, we will recalculate the refund percentage, e.g., in cases where the materials attached do not match the description on the order form or messages from the customer.
  4. Cancellation of an order when a writer has been assigned:


Refund percentage

Passed deadline (approximately)


10-15% of the deadline


20-25% of the deadline


30-35% of the deadline


40-45% of the deadline






Note: Cancellations are not possible when 30% of the originally agreed deadline remains and the order has been assigned to a writer. Moreover, it is not possible to cancel an order when a paper has been completed and uploaded by a writer.

Late Verification 

  1. When verification of an order is late (e.g., when a customer is late responding or does not respond to requests from our Finance Department to verify their identification in order to avoid Internet fraud), the order deadline begins when the required verification is received. In these cases, customers should request an extension of the deadline or place an additional order to reimburse our writer if the order is required urgently. 

Word Count Issues

  1. Pages are counted according to the number of words per page (e.g., 300 per page) and not visually. Where technical papers are needed, however, this rule is not applied because these works often contain a lot of calculations. The price will be calculated according to the complexity of the assignment.
  2. Presentation slides (PowerPoint). The provision of speaker notes is a service we provide in return for payment. Customers can choose this service when ordering a ppt assignment and we will provide from 100 to 150 words of notes with every slide.
  3. Our company helps completing online test assignments. The cost of this work is based on how many questions there are (five questions per a page). A similar calculation is applied to questions of the multiple-choice type. Therefore, for an assignment with 15 questions, the customer should order a three-page paper.


  1. Compensation will be required where a customer expects their paper to be delivered early. Our representatives will recalculate the cost and request a supplementary order. Where our writer agrees to complete an assignment early without extra payment, we cannot issue a refund later.  
  2. Where a customer does not approve a deadline extension and an order is delivered late, at least a partial refund may be issued. We will recalculate the cost difference according to the prices displayed on our company’s website.

Order Type

  1. It is necessary for customers to choose the correct type of order. For example, they should choose “Research Paper” and not “Essay” when they need a research paper. Where payment for an order has not been received, we cannot issue a refund.
  2. With orders for “Rewriting,” our writers reword or paraphrase the original text. Where a customer requests for extra research, a new section added to a paper or changes to the sources or any features that resemble a freshly written piece, an additional order will be needed to compensate our writer.
  3. We encourage customers to monitor their email or personal profile area in case our support team sends messages. Timely response from customers is much appreciated, especially where a topic we have chosen needs to be approved by the customer.
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