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Contents:        How to create a body paragraph

                        How to write a body paragraph of an essay


            The main goal of a body paragraph is to reflect on the essay thesis statement step-by-step. Each paragraph expands on some part of the thesis statement. In paragraphs writers present their arguments clearly and substantially. Each argument needs to be supported by verifiable evidence. The reader must be convinced that the point presented by the writer is the most relevant and objective, and through paragraphs writers can successfully accomplish this mission. Each paragraph builds on one particular idea that is expressed in the first sentence-the topic sentence. All the paragraphs are devoted to the analysis of only one idea. The rule is that if you have four different elements included in the thesis statement, then the essay must include at least four paragraphs, with one paragraph per idea.

The number of paragraphs in one essay is not limited, and depends on the number of ideas and concepts to be expressed via topic sentences. What you need to remember is that all paragraphs should follow a predetermined structure.

How to structure essay paragraphs

All writers should follow the general structure while writing body paragraphs:

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  1. Every body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence, or the main idea presented as a sentence. The sentence should be clear and comprehensive, to attract readers’ attention and an explicit point.
  2. Then follow the evidence and information expanding the topic sentence and providing supporting information. Don’t structure the paragraph as listing the supporting points but make the flow smooth and interesting to readers.
  3. Finish the paragraph with a concluding sentence in ways that connect the paragraph to the next one. The transition is a must in quality essay.

To create a convincing body paragraph,


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  1. Do not cross the limits of one topic/ idea per paragraph and do not provide excessive, unnecessary information;
  2. Remember about the thesis statement, since the paragraph is one of its parts;
  3. Create topic sentences that are clear and comprehensible;
  4. Offer support and examples that are convincing, verifiable, full, detailed, and interesting to readers.

Body paragraphs are the foundational elements of every essay and require special and detailed attention, as well as professional knowledge of the topic and an ability to present facts coherently and skillfully.
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